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This is a bad company they called my refrences 3 times, I only got the job for 1 month and got fired,I don't recommended this company the Recruters are bad. And once I start my job they even called my old doctors office again and ask for more refrences. Stalker Read more

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This is the worst thing you work and dont get ur checks on time you call them to let them know ur cash paid card is not activated they tell you they did you call the bank card is not activated uou call aero tek back then no response i work and keep my word and work hard not to get my money on time shame on you guys if i do my job and you get paid off of my job then you should do the same for me and make that i get paid point blank period!!!!!!! Read more

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I worked for this company Aerotek, and upon my separation from them i was never informed of when and how long it would take for my last check to come. I was harassed on the phone and via text by employee, then couldn't give a valid explanation of when my check was coming. He stated you will get it when you get it. After the day had passed when i normally get my check i called and was told that they mail my last check and they aren't mailed... Read more

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To all prospective consultants that are considering working through Aerotek: The only reason they bring you in for an interview is to see if you look "right." If they determine that you don't look "right," they will put their assessment of the way you look in their database and you will never be contacted again. They have a form that they fill out and rank the way you dress, look, etc. Ask for that form. It would be interesting if they give it... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 11
  • #880813

I found out one of my co workers is screwing the manager at areotek and everyone is talking about it. Unprofessional and disgusting.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 05
  • #877287

Very rude recruiters. Didn't care about employees. You need to fire Rich! Or give him some classes in empathy. But either way, they don't care about you and your pretty much replaceable in there eyes. Anyways, good luck with your customer service because it sucks.

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I been with Aerotek for over 5 yrs. I didn't work with Aerotek until I recieved this african american staffing agent who after 5 yrs of not recieving work offered me a position. What's sad is...I was assigned to her partner who's causian...he use to tell me he didn't have anything. This person is no longer there and it's back to nothing available, but yet a lot of jobs in my field is posted and simple jobs like packaging are available as well... Read more

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Awful experience, 2/10 would not recommend. Representative was nice at first, worst communication I have ever experienced, contacted representative three times over a week span it has been two weeks and no response. We left off a company was interested, just finished application and personality test and was going to schedule an interview. Whether we are moving forward or not give me the courtesy of an update and telling me where we are at, even... Read more

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Ok they call you we have a perfect match for a job lasting two months to possibly permanent! (What they FAIL TO TELL YOU IS THE COMPANY SIGNED AN AGREEMENT THAT IF THEY HIRE YOU BEFORE 6 Months they would have to pay what Aerotex would lose. HELLO NOBODY IS GOING TO PAY TWICE ! Also NO VACATION AFTER SIX MONTHS! For what they got paid while I was working they should have paid me a week. Ok so they have another job this is for two months. WRONG ... Read more

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I was also a fan of aerotek untill the insurance! They didnt tell me when i was eligible and didnt warn me that i would have to double back pay for the months i was eligible, this is in the fine print hidden in all the paperwork from allegis. So now im loosing 100per WEEK from my chevk to insurance i never used or knew i had! And you can cancel it without quiting! Its sad but i probably will never use them or recomend my friends because of the... Read more

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