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  • Nov 17
  • Employment Agencies
  • Recruiter
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  • 126

I applied with aeroteck last week and was called about a job the following day. I came in to do an interview and paperwork for the job that started that same night I went for my drug test as far as I knew I had done everything on my end.while traveling to the job sight that night I got a call from my recruiter sadid and was told my drug test was still pending and I would not be able to start... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aerotek
  • Nov 14
  • by anonymous
  • #557735

I'm currently with Aerotek in Chicago and while yes my first check was misplaced, they quickly rectified the situation and it hasn't happened since. The job placement was easy and even though I'm not with a company that I see a future in, I'm at least getting great hours an amazing pay! I do not think Aerotek is a long term goal for me but IT IS a stepping stone in the right direction! Add comment


  • Nov 07
  • Employment Agencies
  • West Valley City, Utah
  • Employment
  • 93

I Had set up an interview went was getting ready for 2nd but as a young single mom its a little hard right now to find afordable child care let alone through the state. I recieved a call through the employee from this company and instea of being understanding she was ***!! No respect no simpathy nothing just bitchy attitude i would not recomend this company for *** dont to thier nice at first but... Read more

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  • Nov 07
  • Employment Agencies
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Employment
  • 55

If you want a job where payroll can't get your check right, or a place that everytime you call, you get a differant answer...then this place is for you! I perfer to be employed by educated people whom could give me the correct information I call for. First rule. You don't answer a question if you don't know the answer with invalid guessing! A degree must be all you need to be an aerotek... Read more

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  • Oct 28
  • Employment Agencies
  • Torrance, California
  • Recruiter
  • 369

Stay away from aerotek. This so called staffing agency is a complete scam. The recruiters are not interested in finding job applicants work. They are only interested in talking to your former supervisors to try to get them as clients. They lie and tell you they have so many jobs available and they will have you working in no time. During the interview the recruiter will tell you how great your... Read more

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  • Oct 23
  • Employment Agencies
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Incompetent Staff
  • 148

Aeroteks Tigard, Oregon offices suffer from the "hot babes, dumb as rocks" syndrome. Walk into their offices and you think you walked into a strip club. As soon as they open their mouths, however, the experience turns from viscerally pleasing to absolute disgust. They don't listen. They have no clue the mistakes they makes costs workers more than just a delay in receiving their pay. People lose... Read more

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  • Oct 17
  • Employment Agencies
  • Hiring Process
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  • 324

After going through a less than professional interview process where I was grilled on my past jobs (all "short" because I held seasonal positions while completing my degree in college) I was offered a "competitive salary" as a recruiter trainee at Aerotek. They told me they'd start me at 33k, but neglected to tell me that I wouldn't be receiving that much until AFTER my 3 month new hire period... Read more

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  • Oct 08
  • Employment Agencies
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Labor Compensation
  • 353

I was called by an Aerotek recruiter named Jeremy about a job with a client that I previously worked for with another temp service. I took the job started on a Tuesday. He explained that I would receive my first paycheck by mail by Friday if the next week which I understood and had no problem with. By payday I had borrowed money to get to work from several people which was no problem either... Read more

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  • Oct 07
  • Employment Agencies
  • Bad Employment Experience
  • 249

I graduated from college and I was offered a position with one of their clients, accepted the terms even signed the contract and agreed on compensation. They said they would call with a start date, the call never came. They kept calling reassuring that it would be soon, this went on for 6 months and I never started work and was not looking for other jobs because they told me not to. They blamed... Read more

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  • Oct 06
  • Employment Agencies
  • Austin, Texas
  • Fraudulent Recruitment Practices
  • 269

In my case I was informed that I had gotten a job with a client, but they wanted to hire me directly. I declined other offers for a direct hire position, but once I came in for the position it was contract and for $1/hr less than what I had agreed to. They called this a miscommunication and attempted to convince my that my memory was bad. On 2nd attempt to address these issues they ended the... Read more

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