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  • Aerotek
  • 2 days ago
  • #853934

I worked for Aerotek as a contractor for three months for RMB and was let go because my boss was a very evil person...since then no contact with Aerotek regarding another from them and RMB you will be happy you did. Add comment

I worked through Aerotek from Aug 2009 to Dec 31, 2009 and was injured on the job on Dec 28, 2009. I contacted my account manager and advised him of the injury (he never filed the first report of injury required by law) and on Dec 31, 2009 I was told my contract was cancelled. Never given a reason why. I also had personal health insurance with them and still can't get my final medical bill paid. I am now being sued for the surgery costs of... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aerotek
  • May 06
  • #842591

The recruiter who interviewed me ( meredith fulton) was so dumb she said I didnt have any formal hr background which is not even required because this job is sales based and has sales targets. And she herself doesnt have any formal hr or recruiting background and yet got her job somehow. Women like her are *** that dont want to see other people grow. Add comment

I read a lot of complaints about Aerotek, so thought I'd offer my experience. I was working out of the York pa office at Arm & Hammer and the standard was you work 3 months then have to take a month off. After that you'd be eligible to go back for another 3 month's. What a scam these people don't care about the lives of their people, just taking advantage of people while they're down on their luck. Read more

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I applied for a few positions with Aerotek and got a call back from one one of them in which I filled out their on-line form and sent a resume directly to the recruiter for a specific position that recruiter had posted. In the voice mail she left, she wanted me to call back to discuss the position.... I called back and the entire time she was asking me about unrelated skills to the position I applied to and I was attempting to discuss my... Read more

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I was trying to apply there for a job. Called the place spoke to a guy name Rene Gonzalez Jr. He is a recruiter there now. He told me to update my resume and email to him. I did that. He doesnt pick up the phone and is really bad with returning your call. When he does call you or pick up your calls he has such a rude personality. He tells me you dont need to keep calling me or leaving me messages im very busy! Im just like will thats your job!... Read more

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I've been with Aerotek for nearly 8 weeks. In that time, I was roped into exorbitantly expensive insurance and have not been paid twice. I have children, so of course when I was looking for insurance, I wanted something with ER and hospital coverage. The only option (from the 2 offered) was what they call the "high deductible" plan. For the privilege of carrying this plan, you get to pay 100% of your costs out of pocket until you meet your... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aerotek
  • Apr 07
  • #825448

I was assigned a job through Aerotec and job ended 5 month later. The place I worked kept my belonging . I send email to Aerotec but never bother to respond my email Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Aerotek
  • Apr 04
  • #823237

They get all upset if the applicant THEY CONTACT needs a direct hire position, because then they can't make any money off of said applicant. Plus, the Recruiter I spoke with immediately got all defensive when I had questions about their ability to place people in successful contract to hire situations. The guy didn't even recognize my name when I called him back about a position. Never again. Add comment

I applied to a job and met with a recruiter same week. Since than I have not heard from them again. I keep applying to jobs but never get contacted. I try emailing and calling but I get no response or get a voicemail. They do not return my emails or phone calls. Then one day after a month I get a call from a recruiter asking if I was still interested in a position. I said I applied two weeks ago and you calling me now. She apologized and said... Read more

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