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I been with Aerotek for over 5 yrs. I didn't work with Aerotek until I recieved this african american staffing agent who after 5 yrs of not recieving work offered me a position. What's sad is...I was assigned to her partner who's causian...he use to tell me he didn't have anything. This person is no longer there and it's back to nothing available, but yet a lot of jobs in my field is posted and simple jobs like packaging are available as well... Read more

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Awful experience, 2/10 would not recommend. Representative was nice at first, worst communication I have ever experienced, contacted representative three times over a week span it has been two weeks and no response. We left off a company was interested, just finished application and personality test and was going to schedule an interview. Whether we are moving forward or not give me the courtesy of an update and telling me where we are at, even... Read more

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Ok they call you we have a perfect match for a job lasting two months to possibly permanent! (What they FAIL TO TELL YOU IS THE COMPANY SIGNED AN AGREEMENT THAT IF THEY HIRE YOU BEFORE 6 Months they would have to pay what Aerotex would lose. HELLO NOBODY IS GOING TO PAY TWICE ! Also NO VACATION AFTER SIX MONTHS! For what they got paid while I was working they should have paid me a week. Ok so they have another job this is for two months. WRONG ... Read more

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I was also a fan of aerotek untill the insurance! They didnt tell me when i was eligible and didnt warn me that i would have to double back pay for the months i was eligible, this is in the fine print hidden in all the paperwork from allegis. So now im loosing 100per WEEK from my chevk to insurance i never used or knew i had! And you can cancel it without quiting! Its sad but i probably will never use them or recomend my friends because of the... Read more

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THE WORSE TEMP SERVICE TO WORK FOR!! I was hired thru Aerotek to work a 2 month contracted position with possible hire on. I was guaranteed if I worked this assignment by the end they'd have me a full time position to transition right into so I wouldn't be unemployed. THAT WAS A LIE!! The recruiter was a creep! He'd call me all times of day and night to ask me the same questions over and over again!! The company they placed me at was very... Read more

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I had been unemployed since I graduated college back in 2014, and I was desperately looking for a job just to earn some money to save and cover expenses, until I could find full-time work in my field, whenever that could happen. A friend of mine referred me to Aerotek, York Pennsylvania office, and I jumped on the opportunity, as any sane person would. I got everything squared away with setting up employment for a warehouse position at a local... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 27
  • #855775

Do not work for Aerotek. They do not treat their contracts well at all. They don't care about you but only for the money they are making .

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  • From mobile
  • May 24
  • #853934

I worked for Aerotek as a contractor for three months for RMB and was let go because my boss was a very evil person...since then no contact with Aerotek regarding another from them and RMB you will be happy you did.

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I worked through Aerotek from Aug 2009 to Dec 31, 2009 and was injured on the job on Dec 28, 2009. I contacted my account manager and advised him of the injury (he never filed the first report of injury required by law) and on Dec 31, 2009 I was told my contract was cancelled. Never given a reason why. I also had personal health insurance with them and still can't get my final medical bill paid. I am now being sued for the surgery costs of... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 06
  • #842591

The recruiter who interviewed me ( meredith fulton) was so dumb she said I didnt have any formal hr background which is not even required because this job is sales based and has sales targets. And she herself doesnt have any formal hr or recruiting background and yet got her job somehow. Women like her are *** that dont want to see other people grow.

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