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Aerotek crooks

on my 2nday at work from aerotek I got my wallet stolen, aerotek did not do anything about it. I had to resort to the police. Aerotek said that they couldnt not do anything about my wallet being stolen. how can a company not guarantee your safety and personal belongings at your workplace. they asked the other somalian emoyees at arizant healthcare which is where i was working at in eden prairie, MN of course the somalians said nothing.....I guess theives stick together. HR said that if no one confessed they would not do anything about it. I then said that if they wouldnt. i could contact an attorney to explore legal options and they immediately were taking about terminating me. well I QUIT!!! I cannot work at a company that employs theives!!!
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grow up son


What did you expect Aerotek to do? What could they possibly do about your wallet being stolen?

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#235803 Review #235803 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Aerotek is a bad company to work for!!!!!

I go thru the interview and get put at this place in Ramsey, MN. I was told I would get hired on after 30 days, $2 pay raise and full benefits. I got none of it...after being there over 2 years!!! I recently took a vacation using the hours I accrued and after I came back, was told I didn't have enough I didn't get a full check. I get a phone call few days later saying how irresponsible and unreliable I was only missing what 1 day cuz of that vacation?!?!?! *** Aerotek... I currently am looking (hard) for another job better than this one!
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Bad company to work for period!!! Was told I would be elligible for health benefits 3 months from my start in August.

I went to enroll in November and they told me I would have to wait until open enroll in Dec. My total health and dental came to 120.00 per week. I get my second weekly paycheck and they deducted double the benefits 220.00. When I called to find out why they said I was elligible in November so they had to backdate benefit payments.

They did this without notifying me and now I am behind on bills. When I said I didn't need November benefits and to refund my money back they said there was nothing they can do. So I had no money for the holidays and had to borrow money just to eat.

Very unprofessional, and just a horrible thing to do. All I got was "I'm sorry that they gave you the wrong information".


Aerotek is after the money & that's the bottom line. I am currently working on a job & there are many complaints by many contractors regarding a lending institution (workplace), they tell us they cant do anything about it. I am notifying someone who can.


My question may sound weird, but...once you get hired through Aerotek, do you work for the company that you are doing work for or Aerotek? Who will be my employer?

Is there a probation period that you you have to pass and then you work for the company?

I have been interviewed, filled out all sorts of paperwork like personal info, W-2, direct deposit info and my drug test yesterday. Tomorrow, I have an orientation at the company, not Aerotek, but the recruiters will be there. I still have not been told "I have the job".

I ASSume that they are waiting for drug test and background check.

So, why all that paperwork and orientation tomorrow, if I do not have the job yet? Does this mean that I have the job?


I currently work for Aerotek. They have great customer service, and I have never had any problem with them that they couldn't fix.

One thing to realize is that we are all human, therefore sometimes we make mistakes. They tend to go out of their way to correct the issue. If you have a problem with your pay, go to the CSA or CSS for that region. Also, if someone was rude or called you a name, then it needs to be reported.

If you're in the interview process, then that means you probably meet the hiring cirteria for one of their clients. AND if you think the job sounds boring, then don't work for them. Everyone has opinions.

Also, read all of the paper work before you sign it, so you know what rate you're being hired at, and also be upfront about vacation. Hope this helps.


I am in the process of being interviewed by aerotek... I have the interview tomorrow. a recruiter from arden hills contacted me with a few jobs that revolved around me proof reading data entries about mortgages. sounds boring.

a question for those who have worked for aerotek:

1) my recruiter asked me what I was looking for in a starting salary-- will that lock my recruiter in at that price or will I be able to get more out of them if the job is right?


Aerotek is a wholly scam agency.


My experience with Aerotek is that they seem to only hire fresh college grads with no actual recruiting experience. I have several acquaintances, older professionals, with many years of recruiting experience who have applied for a recruiting position with Aerotek and Aerotek won't give them the time of day.

Yet, they will hire 22 year old Mary Lou Sue who just got her Bachelors. Thats my opinion regarding them.


Ive worked for this company off and on over 10 years and let me tell you, I never take a permanent position and I only take jobs that match what I am looking for or I turn it down.

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#234993 Review #234993 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Foreclosure specialist

Technically Aerotek hired me to work for Wells Fargo bank to process foreclousures. Once hired, most of what I did was loan processing and assisting with the conversion of loans, even though I was in the FC dept. Aerotek told me the position was "temp to Perm" and that I could expect a permanent position after about six months -- if they liked me. I was worked to the bone at Wells Fargo. I worked around 50 hrs per week most weeks-- the pressure to meet crazy deadlines was unblieveable. Then, I found out that even though there were around 25 temps working in that department (all Aerotek employees), there were only 7 permanent positions available. Those of us "interested" in a permanent position were encouraged to "apply".
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you spelled foreclosures wrong. but i do realize that aerotek is only a staffing agency...once you are placed at the client then it is up to the CLIENT to determine your hours.

not aerotek. you obviously dont have a clear understand of how aerotek works.

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Jacksonville, Florida

Aerotek ***

I don't advise anyone to work for aerotek unless you have absolutely no means to get by. I thought I had it bad at my last job long hours,illegal immogrants,favoritism ,you name M.P.G.lp did it. So I made sure I landed a job through Aerotek before I quit .I went through the interview process and a tour with the company Aerotek sent my to, T.C.I a tire company that works with goodyear. So I got the job and get this I was let go after 3 week becaus Brad the plant manager felt like I was to slow never mind I didnt have to move from my work area I literally stayed in the same spot all 8 hours .And never mind the fact that I left a job I was on for 5 years to go somewhere to be fired 3weeks later. What makes it so bad Mike carequello knew the plant manager fired guys for almost no reason.Aerotek *** ,I feel if they were looking out for our best interest(their clients) someone wouldve informed me to not leave for TCI in jax Fl, But their more concerned with gambling with peoples lives for a bonus check I forgive them just would never work with them anymore.
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Aerotek shafted me

I worked an assignment for them, and the company I was working for not only shafted me out of a decent sum of cash, but also let me go citing poor attendance because I was in the e.r. room on a VOLUNTARY weekend. The company also didn't keep proper time cards tor the temps either. I brought this to thier attention, but the recruiter handling it was suddenly moved to another office and I was left in cold without a job, and without the monies owed me. Then they had the nerve to make me reapply and gave me a real *** of a recruiter that has some not been able to find me work. They can get stuffed as I have found work on my own now.
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I worked for Aerotek from Knoxville, TN. They were very good to me.

I always got paid on time. The only odd thing was the 1st recruter I had left all of a sudden, then the 2nd one left all of a sudden.

Maybe the problem is who Aerotek hires to hire people. :?

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Louisville, Kentucky
Aerotek Recruiter


Well Aerotek did it again…called and offered me 40 per hr in NC, had the interview lined up. Then Aerotek called me back and said that they made a mistake and the company is only paying 30 an hour and if I would go for that. what the heck are they thinking, all I can hope for is that they never call me for any position no matter where it is at.You think they would do the right thing.....years ago Aerotek was a good company to work for....what happen.$$$$$$$$ is all they see heck with the people who are MAKING them the money and should be making more per hour.
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#231931 Review #231931 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Eldridge, Iowa

What a farud!!

What a fraud! They said I had a job with Wells Fargo - no job or return phone calls or replies to emails by - Brady Green - what a liar! I went through the entire hiring process; durg test, finger prints, multiple interviews, countless hours filling out the paperwork, emails that said I had the job and start date and contact person and adress where to report. What is most frustrating is the promises made salary to be paid and then nothing! No courtesy calls or emails as to an explanation! I definitely will be filing a complaint with the appropriate regulatory authorities.
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No regulatory agency will help you. You have to contact a civil attorney and file breach of contract or promissory estoppel lawsuit. That is what I did.


So... Do you show up for work on the start date they gave you.

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#231832 Review #231832 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Aerotek did it again

I am very cautious the last time I accepted a position from Aerotek I got burned and burned bad. I was working for Jacobs Engineering on site at NASA in Houston TX. Aerotek from Huntsville Called me and told me they had a very long term contract close to home so I turned in my notice at Jacobs went to the new position in Huntsville, Al and was laid off just a few weeks later, I was out moving expenses, out 1400 dollars for the apartment I had to rent and was unemployed, not to mention the gas and motel I had to get on my way from Texas.
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Your only option is to sue Aerotek as I did and won. Find a civil attorney and sue Aerotek for Breach of Contract and Promissory Estoppel. You will win!



Thank you for your comment. We take all feedback seriously. If you would be so kind as to respond with the details to servicecomplaint@***.com someone will connect with you shortly.

Thank You,


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#231733 Review #231733 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Waterloo, Iowa

Aerotek, Be honest with us. Just kidding

I went to Interview for this company and they had told me to be as honest as possible with them and be yourself. I did as they asked and then they told me that I was not polished enough. They will also ask you questions that they know have no answer to and want to see you stress out so you just make up an answer. I had to make up a couple because they say tell us some negatives about yourself. I said I do not have any negatives. Next they said we will wait until you think of one. They waited and I gave them the first negative I could think of. After the interview they told me that my negatives were a little too negative and not good. I recommend you sit there and not say anything if you want a job. Be a robot that is the kind of person they want. Someone with great speaking skills but terrible work ethic.
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Aeroteks sucks and I am surprised that the Moderators allow so many fake comments from the same PR firm


The other commenters are right. That must have been your first interview, otherwise you would realize that employers always ask you to mention a few positives and negatives about yourself.

It's really more of a test of your poise and preparation. There are countless books and websites offering interview preparation tips, which would give you an idea of what kind of questions to generally expect on interviews. Hint: saying you have NO negatives about yourself is too evasive, and saying something overly honest such as "I drink to much" is TMI. Such a question is a chance for you to put a spin on a potentially negative attribute, to something more positive.

You just can't adopt this "I'm a victim" attitude, because that won't get you hired. Employers are looking for the best fit for their company, not someone who sulks and is ill-prepared.


You need to do some research or get training on interview skills, because these are very common questions that you need to know how to answer. You never tell them that you have no negatives, because everyone does.

Almost every comapny I've interviewed with has asked me to tell them some negative things about myself, and what you learn from any interviewing guides, how-to's, websites, etc, is that you need to be able to talk about something negative that you resolved or overcame in some way. Mine is that I used to be shy and scared to talk in front of people, but I started volunteering to give presentations and training, and soon I felt comfortable speaking in front of big groups of people.


It sounds like they were actually giving you some interview tips. You should be yourself and be honest in an interview, while still being professional.

And your "negatives" should actually be something that has been resolved to actually be positive or something like "I work too hard". I like to use "I used to be bad about procrastinating, but I have since began making lists for everything I need to do and it has actually made me more organized".

Interviewing 101 right there. They should have been a little more specific about this if that is what they were trying to do for you though.

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#226884 Review #226884 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Montclair, New Jersey

Who are these guys?

Received a phone call from the guys at Aerotek telling me that they wanted to finish my profile that they started???? I never talked to these people before in my life - how did they start a profile. They told me they found my resume on Monster.Com and decided I would be a good match to some call center positions they had available. Thanks but no thanks - I know that I was looking for a job - but not in a call center and don't feel that I need a recruiting company giving my information out to just anywhere! This should be stopped somehow!
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Stay away from Aerotek. They lie, cheat, steal, and worse.


you gave out your information by placing your resume on All recruiting companies like Aerotek have acess to all resumes on monster. They don't "give your information out to just anyone" you did that. They are actually trying to find you a positon because they make money from placing you.

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#226014 Review #226014 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Detroit, Michigan
Aerotek is only concerned in satisfying their client. They have no interest in actually matching employees with good employers. Nor do they care about your safety, health or satisfaction on the job. They are no better than a mafia, if you want the job you have to go...
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Aerotek gives people an opportunity with companies. They give everyone an equal and fair chance.

The people who post on these things negatively more than likely have a poor work ethic. They shoot their employees strait like they did for me and give feedback. They dont blow smoke up your ***, they tell you the truth about your performance that they receive from their clients that you worked for. Learn a positive work ethic, dont *** b/c you dont have any.

If you did well in the job you wouldn't be fired. Dont be mad at them for giving you a chance and you blowing it. They do care about their contractors that work form them.

Ive seen it and experienced it. I was once one.

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#225695 Review #225695 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Tampa, Florida

Completely Satisfied

I admit I was skeptical when I walked into the Aerotek office after reading all of the horrible reviews. However, my experience was the complete opposite. I was treated with respect and professionalism. Every detail in my contract was upheld. In fact, I received extra money in my pay for a shift differential that was not promised in the beginning of my contract. My Aerotek supervisors kept me completely informed throughout the entire six months. I only wish I was able to become an Aerotek recruiter myself so I could help an out of work, down on his/her luck, individual, like I once was.
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Hey anonymous Clearly you're on here for the wrong reasons No ones on here trying to win a spelling bee Obviously that one person they have a good repore with Aerotek the other did not clearly if you want to show that you have intelligence you should try growing up


Glad that you two had a good experience with them. But, many of us have not.

I myself never got my last check. I worked for them about a year ago. Then this morning someone from Aerotek, has the nerve to call me about a position.

Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.


I think it's worth noting that the vast majority of the critical comments come from people who seem barely able to string a sentance together, while the one guy who has positive things to say communicates clearly and intelligently.



Congrats, Jmcginniss. Don't worry about people's sour grapes, they're just looking to blame someone for their own inadequacies. I'm not an Aerotek employee, but I had a good experience with them too, and now have a great new job.


Well ... sounds like you got your wish of becoming an Aerotek recruiter. How does it feel knowing nobody really gives a sh1t?

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#225646 Review #225646 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Wilmington, Delaware
It is 3/1/11. I still have not recieved my W-2 from them. isn't it a fact that places are required by law to send them out by a certain date ? I have called & left messages. It would be shocking if your rep would ever answer their phone ! I have written e-mails. I...
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I cant get them on the phone and i cant get my w2!!!

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#224455 Review #224455 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Elmhurst, Illinois

Aerotek, Changes Resume to fix any job, even if no experince

I'm discusted with Aerotek, They lie to get there clients jobs, changes resumes to say they can do things they can not do. Which is an out write lie! Do not believe a word of the Aerotek in the state of MA. They lie and go thru there staff quicker than those tempoary jobs last. Oh and since I mentioned tempoary work, Trust me there is not such thing as temp to perm or temp/perm. Its a lie they like to use to get you intrested in the jobs they have which usualloy only last from 3 to maybe if your lucky 6 months.
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Honest- Maybe if you knew how to spell 4th grade words, you'd be able to find a job!


It is very clear to me why they would have seen it beneficial to change your resumes considering the amazing spelling talents you have. It was probably to your advantage that they changed as much of your resume as possible.


You are so correct!!! There is a large number of Washington employees about to bolt because of Aerotek. It's a professional job & as you can imagine, it's all about the bank roll.

For the people that say how great Aerotek is, they haven't been in our shoes where risks are higher.

I'm surprised in the contracts they enter into which puts the contracts at risk because they cannot go to Aerotek for assistance or thru the work location. We need to reach out to the authorities because what i am reading are valid concerns and many labor laws broken.

Stand up for yourself and others who are afraid to reach out. Make those calls and write those letters.


Additional corrections:

things not thing

their not there

My apologies


I'm disgusted with Aerotek. They lie to get their clients jobs, change resumes to say they can do thing they can not do.

This is an outright lie! Do not believe a word the Aerotek in the state of MA says. They lie and go through there staff quicker than those temporary jobs last. Since I mentioned temporary work, trust me, there is no such thing as temp to perm or temp/perm.

It is a lie they like to use to get you interested in the jobs they have which usually only last from three to maybe, if you are lucky, six months.

I completely disagree with you and have had nothing but good experiences involving Aerotek. I just thought I would help your terrible grammar/spelling out as it is infuriating to read the dribble that ignorant people post on sites such as these.


I caint beleave Airtek dint har me! I'm a frikkin rockit signtists!


Wow dude... you should really do a spell check if you want your complaint to be taken seriously....

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#222320 Review #222320 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Worcester, Massachusetts

Aerotek Chicago...totally unethical.

Brware of this agency. Hired by Aerotek for a temp-to-perm job at a large financial institution as an administrative assistant. Was on the job for 22 months and there was no permanent job to be had - the position I was in had only been staffed by temps for years prior to my being placed in the position and I was replaced by another temp. I've worked for a lot of temp agencies over time and this company is totally unethical. Not only do you not get paid holidays or any accrued vacation time based on number of hours worked (read your contract carefully because they will "mislead" you during your interview), but sometimes they neglect to pay you. When they do neglect to pay you, it can take days of phone work trying to reach a person (in my experience, they don't respond to voice mail messages) and sometimes it takes over a week to get your missing pay, but only if you manage to reach a human so keep trying. Even calling their corporate headquarters in MD will only get you voice mail and your calls aren't returned. Aerotek exploits the unemployed in these hard times by paying slave wages and dodging any contact with you, their employee, once they place you at a job. Most "quality" agencies offer paid holidays and accrued vacation time after you work a certain number of hours. Aerotek will tell you that they do, but if you carefully read the contract, there is no mention of it. If you decide that a low paying job with no benefits or perks is better than no job (that's the position I was in when hired by Aerotek), be aware up front that you will never receive holiday pay, accrue vacation time or get a raise. Find another agency, one that respects their employees and treats you with dignity.
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I don't know what agencies you are working for that pays Holidays, vacations,sick or any of that yes some will give you a BONUS check for working so many hrs but they never call it holiday. Holiday pay is determined by you contract with the place you will be doing the work for if they don't want to pay the extra for the holiday they won't put it in the contract same with over time and all the other nice extra stuff PERMANENT workers get.

If you want the extra stuff get a permanent job. I have worked with 2 well knowing agencies in my state and they don't even pay holiday or vacation.


It's the client company's decision whether to bring you on as a perm. employee and not Aerotek's.

Having said that, Aerotek is not a good agency, in my opinion.

All their recruiters are straight from college hires with no recruiting/staffing experience. They are also one of those agencies that use applicant references as a way to gain new clients.


Oh this is a sad thing going on around here. Try Going for agencies with TrimOrg listing.

It is a sure shot way to finding the right agencies which have a good score and with reviews from candidates and clients.

And it is always wise to research the company before joining them. Good luck!


I looked at TrimORg and found it basically has no content.


Has anyone had problems with this company's checks? I have gotten two checks from them that the bank says "no funds are available" and placed a 4 day hold on the check.

Also, my bank told me that they are under investigation for fraudulent checks. I just want my monye I've worked hard for...


Unethical is the Aerotek way!!!! Big joke...this company.

I think the reason professional businesses do business with them is because they will enter into contracts that put their contractors, professional contractors, at risk.

This way Aerotek makes the bank roll - not accountable; the hiring location is also not accountable. Contractors are screwed!!!!


It is a bad thing when these staffing agencies screw with us this way! I would only insist on checking the reviews of such agencies before we join them. TrimOrg for example is an apt place where employees, agencies and Companies can check the scores of these staffing agencies so that those who work and those who pay them will not be fooled in the process.


There are no reviews at that site for Aerotek. For kicks and giggles, I tried Manpower, Express, insight Global, AppleOne, Adecco, Kelly, Kforce, Randstad, etc.

No reviews! Why is that?


I've worked for temp agencies a few times and currently working for aerotek. If your working temp to perm, move on after 3 months because that is a pretty standard number.

I personally spent six months as a temp before being hired on, that's because I didn't speak up. The fact is aerotek does not hire you the company does.

Im able to get hired on in just 2 months, because I know better now. Im either worth hiring or not and you have to push that fact.


They don't answer their emails or phone calls here in Kansas City either. It took 6 weeks of numerous phone calls and emails before I received a phone call back from Ronnie Lawsons, only after I had left a stern voice mail.

When he did call back he tried over talking me stating he had made a mistake and with him trying to give me advice.

He had also said he didn't know if he wanted to put me in front of his clients after my stern voice mail I had left after getting no response from them after 6 weeks. Total waste of time with clowns as agents.

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#221010 Review #221010 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Chicago, Illinois