opioneer o
map-marker Bellevue, Washington


well i would have to agree with melissa this is the worst temp agency you can recruit with i've worked for them for almost 7mos now and they just let us go tell you the truth this company only cares about the money they make off you they will never follow up with you to see how your doing nor would they answer calls and they will even breach the contract in order to agree with your employer they do have benefits as far as medical but there is no paid vacation or no holiday accumulation and all there staff has attitudes the manager must be in her 20's on the first day when i was signing paperwork cory erickson sat there and talked to her girl about how good this guy was looking last night at the club i felt this was very unprofessional and i thought in my mind really is , she the manager i really hope people read this to know the truth about aerotek professional agency , please don't make the same mistake i did research your company thoroughly before following through with it and oh yea this agency has been known to try and grab other temp agency candidates saying they bought they're original agency , as far as unemployment they will do everything possible to not pay i wish the state of washington would shut this agency down i have seen many negative reviews heres one more ....
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I actually liked working with Aerotek. Maybe it was because I worked with an on site manager for the company that hired me, but she was excellent and really went above and beyond what I expected to get me a job. Yes, you get underpaid when using recruiters and get fewer benefits but Aerotek got me a job with a world renowned tech company and even when my contract expires in a year or two the job they got me into is going to really look impressive on my resume and make it easier to get into a well paying perm job in my field.


I guess im the lucky one. They gave me a good job, work with Genie.

Awful customer service but I'm only there for the money. As far as i care about Aerotek, they can go to ***.


When i started with this company i was told that i would be awarded with incentive pay and they also told me that i would be able to be a full time job with the contract that i was working for. I got injured over five times and never went to the doctors never took time off and for all this i got *** in the *** when i went to collect unemployment.

Everything was fine until i got a letter from the state saying that Aerotek is contesting my claim. I went to court trying to show the judge that Aerotek was lying and that the Onsite manager was not telling the truth.

But my temper got the best of me and i stayed quite and indoing so i lost out and now i have to pay back the state over $2300. *** Aerotek and everyone there


- They never told me how many vacation hours I accrued. I always had to call them, then they had to call their accounting department and then they'd call me back with my vacation hours.

No one knows what's going on in the Bellevue office.

Whenever I'd call, they sounded like they were a bunch of young frat boys and sorority girls.

- They'll lay you off and claim that you quit so that your unemployment claim gets denied. They're liars and I will never work for them again.


Im very sorry guys for the late reply but im very happy people read this site on behalf of myself and others i think aerotek temp agency should be closed they are very rude and unprofessional at what they do and the pay is *** with the amt of overtime i did with this company i only made there pockets large but yes pass this on to your friends and co- workers everyone should know the ugly truth behind aerotek here and washington state and else where , please do takecare friends as im unemployed searching just like you guys because aerotek ruined my life along with others ....


there was posting dated 01/20/2010, howevere when contacted after sending the resume I was told that they are just collecting the resume pro actively for future use.that sucksIf they do not have any job opening why would they post it and playing with the sentiment with already frustrated job seekers.


I just received a call from Aerotek. The man was very unprofessional on the phone.

I have been job searching for a few months and I can pick them out really easily now.

This guy put me on hold 4 different times while on the phone, and never told me the name of the company I would be interviewing for, and barely even talked about the position....just the money....Good thing I came online and found tons of different reports dating from 2004 to a few days ago about what these people are really about. I'd rather go to a more professional company than some company who are completely unprepared when they telephone you

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Whining and complaining

Here's the deal: With the unemployment rate at +10% and millions looking for work, recruiters get dozens of phone calls every day. So it is impossible for a recruiter to return EVERY phone call they get from a prospective candidate. Thus, no return phone call = no opportunities available right now! Last time I checked, candidates are not paying Aerotek to find them jobs... Aerotek's CLIENTS are paying them to find candidates - Business 101. The people complaining about Aerotek are a bunch of babies. Get some initiative and find a job on your own instead of relying on a recruiter to do the work for you!
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Just to clarify, my commission comes from my company billing the client for my work based on good candidates that I find to interview with them. In no way does the contractor pay for being recruited by me.

So think about that before you start complaining about me trying to find you a job at no expense to you. Also, I’m expected to interview 15+ people over the phone a day to gage whether or not I think your qualified and have a good attitude. That means I talk to 75+ different people a week. If you weren’t followed up with that probably means you did not present yourself very well.

Either over stating your qualifications or were not professional during the phone interview (just in case you didn’t understand it’s what a recruiter is doing when they first contact you).

During a 50 hour week that’s as busy as mine, following up with someone who I clearly do not want to work with is the last thing on my to-do list. Think about it before you start bashing a company calling you in regards to a job opportunity at no expense to you.






Whoever said that those of use who complain are whining ... they list the jobs under their agency and people cannot apply to them on their own.

And they list many jobs without following up with people who actually want to work.

So learn what you are talking about before being so ignorant. :(


Aerotek should be in the used car business...bunch of liars & deceivers! All they worry about is their commission..once they have it, your on your own pal! :(


My only experience as of yet with Aerotek is with one phone call received from the Michigan branch. So, I decided to do some research to see what Aerotek was about. The BBB had no bad complaints; in fact San Jose Branch had an A+. I read some discussion posts where ex-Aerotek employees and ex-job seekers put their opinions in. That is all the further I got in the last hour.

With my single interaction with Aerotek and my recent studies of job searching, I have gotten the opinion that the writers who do not have good things to say are the ones who are displaying very weak and unemployable talents. Skills can be taught. Talents can't be changed. Talents drive the skills.

Also, I have gathered that the recruiting agency is more like a General Contractor who subs out a crew for different projects to fulfill their client’s requirements. The General Contractor has a reputation to retain by hiring the best subcontractor who will complete a contract to the Client's satisfaction and acceptance. The subcontractor has the option to bid on the project, and the responsibility to fulfill the contract to the satisfaction of everyone. There are only so many projects, and many more subcontractors.

Therefore, if I were a controlling a recruiting agency, I would make sure that my recruiters were giving my client the best performer. That is the goal for the company, to satisfy the client. The most employable jobseeker would be my next concern. My only concern there would be that his promise will be kept. The job seeker already has interest of working under my terms. Then my only obligation would be to assure that the job seeker had a safe working environment and all agreed compensations were paid.

These days, there are many performers to choose from, sad, but true. So if phone calls are not being returned, then there is a possibility that the proper talents for the job requirement are not properly displayed. A job seeker is actually a salesperson. The job seeker needs to sell himself. The job seeker is not selling a resume, but the resume is a brochure to draw attention towards yourself.


Yea jfilus you whiney swine recruiter get the *** out of here trying to give aerotek a positive name you *** rat your company should be shutdown i propose everyone who encountered a problem with aerotek to report it so we can get rid of this joke company.... :(


Jfilus you sound you work for aeroyek u little snitching rat you and your company should be shutdown... :(


Jfilus, the job seekers may not be paying you to look buy Aerotek IS paying you. The least you can do is to get back to them one way or the other.

And if we do as you say, get some initiative and find a job on our own, you babies will be out of business and YOU will be begging someone to help YOU find a job. When that happens I'd advise you not to contact Aerotek or you'll be ignored by someone just like you. It's not a matter of initiative. Companies like Aerotek are a LAST RESORT for people who have used their initiative and have had to deal with OTHERS LIKE YOU who also didn't get back to us no matter how many times we contacted them.

Get over yourself, your lousy company, learn some manners and realize that the reason you are employed is because people utilitze second rate companies like yours to find jobs for them, until they encounter losers like you and realize that if you are representative of Aerotek, it's better to stand on a street corner with a "Looking for a job" placard around your neck than contact you. At least people notice you right off, which is more than I can say for Aerotek.

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Tameka R Hse
map-marker Reston, Virginia

Aerotek Screwed me too!

I orginally met with Aisha Nodd at Aerotek on January 20, 2010. I was setup for an interview at Ceva Logistics that same Friday. I was hired on the spot by the person I interviewed with, which Aerotek said rarely ever happens. I started working that following Wednesday with Ceva. My first issue was the fact that it took forever for Aerotek to finish my background check and when I called and inquired about the status of my background she was kind of rude and asked my if there was a problem with it. I was anxious to start working and I told her that. Anyway...after working at Ceva for almost a month and only hearing good things about my work all of sudden on Friday evening of February 19, after I had worked ALL DAY, I got a call from Aisha telling me Ceva ended my assignment. I was upset because first I wasn't expecting to be let go and then the company told Aerotek that I had to be micromanaged and I was a little off task. I'm pissed because my supervisor never said anything to me about my work performance nor did I have to be micromanaged because three days after I started working at Ceva she had a panic attack, had to be taken from the job by ambulance and was gone for a week. I came to work during this time as usual and worked "without supervision". I was never told anything about my work nor was I ever off task. When I asked Aisha about another assignment she told me that since I had been fired that Aerotek could no longer work with me. She never asked what happened or anything. She automatically sided with Ceva. I spoke with her supervisor Casey and he said they have to believe their client as if employer's don't lie. I told him I was a client as well and that it was unfair that I was let go without any reason or complaint told to me or Aerotek. Now they are trying to deny my unemployment based on this. I know that Texas is an "at will" state, but something needs to be done because you can be fired for no reason at all, denied unemployment, and there is basically nothing that you can do about it. I plan on filing a greivance against Aerotek and Ceva because I was under the impression that by state law you have to be notified if there is a problem with your work and be given the opportunity to correct it before you are terminated. I recommend that no one works for Aerotek because they are only concerned about the companies and not the people that go out and work at these places. If it were not for use places like Aerotek wouldn't even be in business!
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I'm assuming you got awarded your unemployment, because the unemployment dept usually always sides with the employee, even in at will states.


They are full of lies.... I work for aerotek for three months I never miss a day i was happy whit the new job that they got me.

suddenly a day I got a call from the supervisor telling me that I ended the assignment and they didnt need me no more. I was upset because I really did try my best and did everything they told me to do.

Two weeks ago I call them to see if they had a new assignment for me and they told me they didnt feel good working whit me I got really *** and I ask why? they told me that they fire me do to bad attendence.


Stay away from this company. They will sweet talk you to try to get you to come in.

I took the Placement tests and scored 99% and yet when I called for work, my emails and phone calls were ignored. They will just harass your references and then you lose good references and still don't have a job!@!!!!!


Just an FYI - I used to work for Aerotek. When you start a job through Aerotek at one of their clients, you have to sign an employment agreement.

Most everyone NEVER reads the agreement. However, the agreement states that Aerotek has been hired by the client to place qualified employees. In addition, it states that you may be released from your assignment at any time, without warning, and for any reason.

Clients are paying for this type of "convenience" if they ever do need to part ways immediately and with no financial or legal ties to the contract employee. This is not Aerotek's fault - anyone who chooses to be a contract employee must understand that they are contingent labor.


Tamekar1 - That is *exactly* what happened to me this past June.

The only difference is the length. I had been at this assignment 11 months.

Had a meeting on a Wednesday to go over how I was doing with my sup there and she told me I was doing fine. Then on that following Sunday evening, I get a call from my contact at Aerotek that the company didn't want me anymore because of my job performance.

Almost a year and nobody brought this up before? Interesting to say the least.


I got done wrong @Lockheed Martin


I also spoke with Aisha Nodd and another person named Jay Dorethy when I turned to Aerotek. I felt that when they explained to me about the project that I was interviewed to do they contradicted themselves quite often.

Whenever I asked Aisha questions to clarify, she gave me responses like "I don't know," and "I'll have to check on that"-- never a straight answer. When they promised to call me on a certain date to let me know if I got the job they never called. I proceeded to call and e-mail them, but never got any reply. I felt that this was very unprofessional since they had promised to follow up either way.

I recommended to everyone I knew to STAY AWAY from Aerotek if they ever found themselves unemployed.

Luckily, I have since found a great job that I love on my own, so everything worked out afterwards (no thanks and no help from Aerotek).


PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity. You can email me at co_unemployment@***.com or call 720-270-****. PLEASE let me know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous.


What type of drug screen did they use? (NY)


Contact with Aerotek Complaints:

Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You'll understand why when you give me a call.


It's my cell phone. This might be a chance to warn other people.

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mi t
map-marker Orlando, Florida


Dear Aerotek, Thank you for wasting my time. I waited three months to get the same response from you. If you are suppose to help people, this is a joke. I rather shoot myself in the head, than wait on you to help me find a job. I am not going to put any names down but, this is a scam and it is evident by how well you check on your clients. If you think I am going to do your *** interview, think again. I will make those people that are working with you, realize that you are a waste of time and not resourceful nor beneficial to their company. Best regards, Go screw yourself!
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I was hired by areotek to work as a oil spill clean up tech. They paid for my 24 hazwolper traing.

I live in Alabama. They sent me to MS. I was there for 5 weeks. Then they told me that because I was from AL.

not to come back to work there. They said they would try to find work for me in AL. Saw several jobs that required the hazwolper cert. I called areotek in Pensacola, FL and told them I could find work if they would give me the cert.

I was told that they didn't have to give it to me. I asked her you mean you are not going to give it to me even if it will help me find employment. She said no.

I told her I thought dhe was rude and cold hearted and she laughed. All thye really care about is making money off of you.

map-marker Los Angeles, California

Aerotek - Employment Interview Review from Los Angeles, California

I recently had an interview with aerotek. The Director of Business Operations in Rosemead an Ontario, LaMark Brim. The interview went great. He liked my answer and thought they were very detailed. At the end of the interview, he asked me to call him the next day at 10am. So i did, he didnt answer. I left a message on his office vmail. Hours later, no call. So then i left a message on this cell. Again, hours later. no call. Took him two days to call me back. Just to tell me the thought i was too agressive SOheWONTgiveMEanotherINTERVIEW.
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Oh, and "*** aerotech" comes off as quite aggressive. just fyi.


I usually stick to 1 call/day if I'm asked to call back.

Honestly I find asking the interviewee to call is a bit silly if one is expecting to be busy.


Interviewer- If you are truly the person who interviewed Mi1980, this is completely unprofessional and unethical. Interviews are completely confidential from the employer's standpoint. If you tell someone you are going to call them at a certain time, you should call them even if it is to inform them that you will call them at a later time.


Wow formulaforfitness I disagree with you. Sometimes things happen and calls are missed.

What world do you live in?

And you wouldn't take a job if there is missed timing?? Get off your HIGH HORSE!


If he was asked to phone at 10am the next day, his called should have been expected and accepted. Futhermore, 6pm is NOT to late to return someones phone call. I would not keep calling but would consider this very unprofessional behavior and would not accept a position with your firm.


This individual did have a good interview as he described.He was asked to follow at 10am and he did. As he mentioned he called back within a couple of hours and left another message.

Before the day was over this individual had left 4 messages within an 8 hour day. The day ended late on my end after full day of meetings and it was too late to consider returning calls after 6pm. This candidate was my first call the next day at 8:00am. I was calling him back well within 24 hours.

He was left a message that I was returning his call and I apologize for not getting back to him yesterday and that I had another full day of meetings. I asked him to return my call when he had a chance and if I didn't answer that just meant I was in meetings and I would call him back when I had a break. I had my cell phone on my desk the whole time I was in meetings. My partner informed me that my cell phone had been blowing up non-stop for the past 5 hours as well as my office phone.

When I check my messages this candidate had called me a total of 8 times and left 5 messages on my cell and office vmail. All within 5-6 hours the following day. I believed this was excessive. Who ever may me reading this, you can formulate your own opinion about the amount of calls before a call back.

I did return his call that same day provided him feedback on his interview and the amount of calls. He did not move to the next interview.


The same happened to me during my stint in Utah. The guy (LaMark Brim) just refuses to create a schedule and stick to it!

I do believe that the first candidate called to much, though this doesn't excuse LaMark not being able to maintain professionalism. He was probably late to his interview as well as he was with me.

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map-marker Goodyear, Arizona

Aerotek Very Unprofessional

I worked for a client of this company for a month in Arizona. Then I had a minor injury which was work related. Their whole attitudes changed then. The manager at the client appreciated my work and understood when I left that due to my injury I could not work there anymore. Most of the office staff at Aerotek in Phoenix were very cold towards me when I informed them I had some pain in my back related to the work. Their own doctor agreed it was work related. I only hope now they will at least pay for the doctor bill. I would never recommend this staffing company. I have worked for many smaller agencies and have had better luck.
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blago J
map-marker New York, New York

They Lied to me and threatened!

An employee of this agency told me he had a position for me and to meet for lunch. I left my current for a long lunch only to find out he had no job for me, and merely wanted to get gossip on my current company which was obviously not doing so well. Then he told me that he knew my boss and could easily tell them I was looking elswhere for work if he wanted to! So he threatened me, and lied to me, most likely just to get himself a free lunch and some gossip my sinking ship of a company. Waste of time, and very insulting!!
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I had a similar experience with their Cleveland, Ohio office. Horrible people to work for. In middle of filing in small claims now.


retarted? for it is you who is the retart


I *** hate aerotek cause every1 there is unbelieveably RETARTED... how ever i did get an awesome job, in my field that i went to school for.

The reason y im complaining.

My friend got the same job as me. but it took almost 3 months for him to recieve ONE paycheck.

He had a job thru them before while liveing at his old house. well he moved, got a new job thru them, he filled out all the paperwork, including the new address/location of his new house. and they used is old address, only because his name/address was already in the computer. there for hes lost some money, OOO AND lost his car/house cause he couldnt pay his *** BILLS. would the courts help? NO!, CUASE THE GOVERNMENT IS RETARTED AS WELL.

and... CBS/STAFFMARK. wow, there just as dumb.

Craigslist is the best place to look for a job. ive had 2 that i found on that site.


As "The Fed" said, Aerotek is a huge company and sometimes bad recruiter slip through the cracks. (Sounds like maybe you got one).

However, I don;t think they have to worry about being around long...they are privately owned and do a fabulous job. I have worked with Aerotek offices in the past and had great customer service and job placement.


Most recruiters consider confidentiality to strike at the heart of their business and take confidentiality very seriously, they also do not recruit out of companies that they are working for...

Sounds like you got a rotten egg of a person who likely saw his own untimely lay off...Aerotek is big and therefore probably bends the rules more than others because they can, but they are abide by the same code of ethics as other recruiters or else they won't be around very long.

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map-marker Englewood, Colorado

Lack of integrity.

My *** is with AEROTEK employment services(staffing) I applied for several positions they advertised and sent my resume to them, only to have them ignore me. My resume reflected the skills and qualificationas they were looking for to satisfy thier client. Because mty resume didnt reflect any recent aerospace industry exp. they shunned me. What seperates a aerospace warehouse from any other warehouse? Is it the concrete? The smell of the product? The people? I dont get it. At any rate, Aerotek staffing gets an award for the most STUCK UP, *** UP, LOUSY staffing services around.And thats about it.
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This is a pretty *** complaint:

1. I submitted my resume.

2. I KNOW I TOTALLY deserved the job. 3

3. They didn't give it to me.

4. CONCLUSION: They have no integrity.

Please breathe through your nose and carry on.


be glad they didn't hire you. Aerotek is *** pay.

use temp services only if you have no family to support and are young and willing to work any shift. i see temp services for people that have no family to spend time with.


umm, they have about 8 million people applying to jobs every day...they can't hire everyone just because YOU feel your experience is what they are looking for. And, they are not working for you, they are working for the client.


Your last paragraph grabbed my curiosity. I do agree with you that a warehouse does have people, a scent, and a structure.

This would be the environment of the warehouse, which I am sure that is typical of most. Could it be the culture of the businesses that is different?

Does aerospace culture have different ethical standards, or specific safety habits, or required security clearances?

You have my curiosity. Is this where integrity is lacking?

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map-marker Lombard, Illinois

Aerotek Sucks

I tried to use Aerotek as a professional recruiting/job placement firm and I was deeply disappointed. Their initial interviews were OK. I was excited by their enthusiasm; however I have realized through time that this is a BOGUS PHONY organization. I have contacted this organization 3-4 times over the past decade with the same results each time. THEY SUCK!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME with these creeps. I Will Not Use this bogus phony placement firm....
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They waste your time, you driving to them for a job interview which is nothing short of smoke and mirrors, and when you thinking you're going to hear back a year have past then you realize nothing came from them. I live in Indiana I have driven 1+ hour away (Illinois and southern Indiana) for a bogus interview at their "main office" just to get nothing for the time and gas investment and that happened twice.......stop using their Santa is real service.


Aerotek hires fresh from college graduates to work as recruiters. These kids have no experience in the recruiting field.

Additionally, they require their recruiters to conduct 15+ face to face interviews per week, whether they have a position for that person or not. The actively pursue obtaining applicant references so as to contact those references to see if they make them a new client.


They make empty promises and get yr hopes up. They never return calls and always tell u mthe company hired internally. Thanks for nothing areo ***


Aerotek is limited in what it does. Don't expect a dream job, but, a job.

In this economy any job is good for something. BTW Now that the USA is a 3rd world country any job is a good job. "Wastes of time" should always be figured into any job search episode. Aerotek could be improved though.

They really should provide more and better benefits. This would improve their image.


Yep agree Aerotek is the typical staffing firm. They are a waste, not sure why anyone would pay them to find applicants when the fact is they dont have staff worth anything that can understand applicant business skills. They are literal and incompetent in their approach.


I was recruited by them yesterday and got a Job the same day! I don't understand why you are badmouthing and organization you don't even understand?


I have been contacted by 5 different recruiters from the same office over the last five years. On two occasion they asked me to come in for a pre-screening interview and I obliged.

I used 1/2 a day vacation to do this. What a waste of time. Everything they asked me they could have asked me over the phone, but instead used preciouce vacation time to "interview" with a recruiter about a job that I'm not even sure was real.

I nver had my resume submitted for any job by these *** Every time one of these num nuts calls they always talk about future opportunities and want me to give them information about myself, which I've concluded, is to help them find new leads. these guys are the biggest waste of time ever.

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map-marker Los Angeles, California

WE don't need Aerotek

Why do we have Job Agencies? They don't help you or the company. You ask for $10.00 dollars an hour. Just to feed your family and to fill that position. The job agency wants $14.00 dollars an hour from the company... That's why it's very hard to find a job. All the Job Agencies are charging the companies more money. Especially AEROTEK Staffing in Northridge Ca. I have been with Aerotek for 5 months they have not done anything for me. I've call the company 10 times, and left messages, that there was a job that I would like to apply for. They never called me back. All Job Agencies wait and wait until "they" get that money they want from the Company. By then you have lost everything. They have all the jobs locked in to them. That's why there are still a lot of unemployed workers. Do to the Agencies. "We take what ever we can get." We Have to qualify for them before they send are resume out to a company. We don't need them. Jobs have past me by; that I have the skills to do. AEROTEK never tried to contact me in any way. Imagine the other unemployed workers they didn't call. I believe that if a company would put their job openings in the news paper or on the internet there would be more jobs been filled. A least we would have a 50% chance that the Company would call. Using an Agency there is only a 1% chance that a company would call. I say get rid of all job Agencies.
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Contact with Aerotek Complaints:Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You'll understand why when you give me a call.


It's my cell phone. This might be a chance to warn other people.


Dvillegas, you hit it right on the head....

The same things are going on here in Colorado. They make $25.00/hr, and you make $16.82/hr.

What a bunch of ***.... $25.00/hr for what? Companies need to get there *** together!!!!! I'm so tired of working for Aerotek, and getting stuck in the *** 23% of all the companies to work for are large, 77% are small business.

You work a 3 & 6 month contract, and then out once more. Aerotek will not make you rich. The 90’s are over.

Start your own business, you will feel better. Control your own life!!!!!!!


Wow. One grammatical catastrophe speaking to another...

Folks, the $14.00/Hr. to $10.00/Hr. is typical and is how all staffing agencies make their money. I have not used Aerotek myself, but I have used several agencies.

The key is to keep on them and not to sit and wait for them; they have many candidates. Have a happy job hunt!