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I understand both sides of the argument between people trying to get placed by Aerotek (or contacted off of a job-search website) and "Aerotekkies" as I would call them (those of you posting pro-Aerotek because you work or worked there). Yes, the economy is a part of it, how marketable employees are, how dependable, how driven..however, what does not make sense to me is Aerotek's super-sneeky ways.

My husband (a legal resident alien) was contacted by an Aerotek employee who made no reference to being part of a staffing agency throughout the month and a half they were in contact. He called, obviously having seen his resume on some website or another where my husband had posted looking for a job. His offer seemed perfect, hard to believe, something along the lines of, "I've got a great position for you, 15$/hour to start! Then we'll go from there. You just need to get your driver's license." As we could not get an appt (nor a car with which to take the test) my husband kept in contact with the (believed) employer, letting him know the time frame in which he thought he would be getting his license.

The man continued to call - sometimes one to two times a week, talking about his position for my husband and how he couldn't wait for him to get his license as he was just perfect for a spot in HIS company (and, yes, he always referenced the position as part of HIS company). Then when we found out my husband was going to have some difficulty getting his license (cost, multiple tests[first permit/then license], car issues, etc), or, at least, that it was going to take more time than initially anticipated, we called back to let the "company" know that if they had not already filled the position, that they should do so as my husband (though he so desired the position) did not want to string them along.

To our surprise, the "employer" said that it was totally not a problem and that my husband should come to work with him the next morning as he had positions to offer him with no license as well. This seemed weird to us. If there were non-driving positions available all along, why would he not have said so at first? (Get him into the company and then, possibly progress to a driving position..) A few things didn't seem to add up to us, but my husband gave him his email address to send the information/address to. Again, in the email, there was no mention of a staffing agency or an interview or about *anything* - just an address to "come to work" in the morning.

Fortunately for us, it seemed weird - and the staffer's automatic Aerotek signature showed up at the bottom of the email (otherwise we wouldn't have had any idea until my husband had wasted his time and bus fare to make it to the out-of-the-way office) and we looked up Aerotek (to find all of these complaints on *this* website). When my husband called back and confronted them about their less than forthgoing ways, the man was defensive and tried to play it off - "Oh, no, oh no! Come in tomorrow for the interview we spoke about (rather the, "come to work with me tomorrow") and we'll definitely be able to find something that suits you! (rather than the "position" the man had already said he had *prepared* for my husband in *HIS* company).

I don't know. Since we've never actually gone all the way through with them, I wouldn't know how their services actually work out (or do not). Thankfully, my husband is working now of his own right (yes, even "in this economy" as so many snarky Aerotekkies point on in the midst of all the complaints) - and Aerotek still calls out of the blue weeks later. However, all I *do* know is that a company that has nothing to hide WILL NOT HIDE anything. If Aerotek is *not* shady and manipulative, why are they not more forthcoming?

I would stay away - but make your own judgements. Just beware--

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My guess is, and I don't know for sure, that aerotek pays their employees when they place an applicant with a company. I believe this is why they double and triple check to make sure that you show and when you quit before the probation period is up, they don't get paid.

So, had you know it was a staffing agency, would you still had gone.

Sounds like a guy being proactive about his paycheck. Nothing sneaky.


Wow, someone was actually harassing you in hopes of finding you a job. Those sneaky bastards.


I am a independant contractor for Aerotek and this opportunity has been life changing for myself and my family.

Maybe you should consider making yourself more marketable (having already obtained a drives ID)and then these issues will not come up. Also, it sounds as if this was a great opportuntiy for your family, regardless of who actually owned the business, and that your frustration has more to do with the issues of obtaining a I.D., vehicle, or whatever.

I know many people that have worked as a contractor for Aerotek, to later be offered full time employment by these firms. I would also beleive, that if you contacted a firm about employment where you needed a drivers I.D., and then told them you do not have one, that 100% of the time they trash your resume and move on to the next resume.

Just my opinion.