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Hi my name is Darlene de Jesus, and I was an employee with Aerotek for a little over a year. I'm having some concern issues and I don't know whom I should speak to regarding this matter. My recruiter was Victoria Preston, and I worked with great companies through Aerotek, for instance, Apple Steel Rule Die, Columbia St Mary Hospital, Select Milwaukee, Boston Store, and Tushaus Computer Services. My situation comes in as I worked for Select Milwaukee as an Office Coordinator. This opportunity was a temp to hire position and I was l really happy there, I actually loved this job and they grew very fond of me as well, so much that I was offered the position from Brian the Office Manager. His exact words were " Darlene I want you to know I'm offering you the position if you want it, I have to put in on the internet but don't worry I will take it down after a few weeks", I told him 'of course! I want it, is there anything you want me to do, like sign the application on line or anything else!!!' he replied " No that wont be necessary" I told my supervisor Dave, Dave!! Brian offered me the position, he said "well lets set up a meeting so we can sit and talk to Brian" everyday after that I keep asking Dave what about the meeting, his exact words were "I don't know, they don't tell me anything here, I'm the last one to know anything"!! so I really didn't think anything. I called Victoria and told her "Victoria they offered me the position, and she sounded really glad. before I started with Select Milwaukee, Aerotek had offered me an assignment with the Boston Store Clearance Center, it was only a week assignment, but that didn't matter, because I never turned down an assignment when it came to work. I was offered the position with the Boston store, but only part time, and the pay was really below what I can budget on, but, I took it anyway. So when Victoria called me regarding the Select Milwaukee assignment, I told the Boston store if I can just do short hours due to me getting an opportunity that was 40 hours, and the pay was what I needed to be able to just make ends meat, they told me absolutely. So I was so happy due to having a part time job and a full time. When I was offered the position at Select Milwaukee, I called and left the Boston Store and gave them my notice. They were so disappointed cause I was such a hard worker, the supervisor Holly told me she is really sad to see me go. but I knew that this was the position that I needed to focus on because it was my bread and butter. A few weeks went by and started to notice that they were interviewing for the position that I was offered, I really didn't think anything because I knew Brian had told me that he was going to put it on the internet, I greeted them with the same amount of warmth I do to everyone who walks through that door. I started to realize that Brian never had time to set up an appointment like we were supposed to do, then everyday there were new interviewers coming in more and more. I asked Brian "Brian what's going on, I thought you had offered me the position why are we still interviewing!!" He told me in the kitchen" I know Darlene and I am really sorry, but I don't have the final word, Irma does" that was okay for me at the time, cause I knew that I was a great employee, and Irma really liked me and the Chief of Staff Ray did too.! I was dedicated reliable the whole staff loved me as well, even Irma showed how much she liked me, SO I THOUGHT!!!! I was so confused because the staff were constantly expressing there appreciation for all the hard work I was doing, They were always saying "Thank god they hired a person who is always happy, always helpful, and great with the clients. Even Clients were asking too speak with my supervisor to give complements on my Customer Service, Dave would come out and say " I know she's been even getting cards from clients." I decided to email Irma and Ray the Boss, expressing my concern of all the interviewers that were coming in for interviews, When Irma came out and told me there was no way that Brian could have offered me the position, I said IRMA,YES HE DID!!!! she was really unprofessional, and said " I really think you must of misunderstood him" that's when my whole life came became unstable, I was constantly crying I couldn't understand what went wrong, I even asked if there was something I've done wrong, or if there is anything that they want me to do different, even the staff was so upset saying now that we have someone so good are getting ride of you Why!! I couldn't figure it out, I went from two jobs to none, what am I going to do. Irma told me one day" I feel like you were assuming, and working here as if you already were already a Select Milwaukee employee, I was confused cause Isn't that the way you should act when you have a job like you belong, even as a temp you should conduct yourself like an Employee that job. MY BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS!!!!, and I'm still regretting it till today was walking out 2 days before my end date...*** HOW DUMB CAN I BE I let my emotions get the best of me. Everyone said they will still no matter what give me a good reference. I just couldn't bare the fact that I was being treated at the end like a Temp who didn't mean anything, I was emotional at the front desk, I was always crying and I didn't want to bare the fact of saying good by to anyone, how dumb I never let my emotions get the best of me, I am A STRONG woman and I know staying till the last day would have gotten me another assignment with Aerotek, cause all the assignments that I had through them, they always had great feed back for my work performance. I have been trying to reach out to Victoria Preston, and she doesn't return my calls nor my emails I knew that I had messed up, but I just want to apologize and just let Aerotek hear me out., or at least my side. Thanks to Select Milwaukee I lost two jobs, now they don't even want to here my side that's okay, there is a greater power above that I put my full trust in, and God knows that I will be okay because I am a hard worker, and Select Milwaukee did me really wrong. I know that Irma was unhappy that Ray was so warm and kind to me. and I believe that she didn't appreciate that... So now that I have that out, I am going to get in contact with an attorney. I have proof that Brian offered me the position, and I left a job due to the position being offered to me, and I was lied to.

Store Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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