Detroit, Michigan

to make the story short.... I went to a job fair and the guy told me that i got the job.

This was a factory job and that he will call me when they want me to come in a do the paper work. So i waited then i called him before thanksgiving then after and it always went to his voicemail. I called his partners and they told me o well he is in a meeting right now or say o he step out of a min. I kept calling and finally he called back saying O well there is not jobs ava.

I am like what??? What happen to the job that you said i got hire for? Then he said O yea well they are laying off people. I was mad because he told me there was like 2-3 jobs that i can do and now they are just gone.

He lied!!

He knew this from the start that they did not have not jobs. DO NOT TRUST AEROTECH IN MICHIGAN!

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