I don't advise anyone to work for aerotek unless you have absolutely no means to get by. I thought I had it bad at my last job long hours,illegal immogrants,favoritism ,you name M.P.G.lp did it.

So I made sure I landed a job through Aerotek before I quit .I went through the interview process and a tour with the company Aerotek sent my to, T.C.I a tire company that works with goodyear.

So I got the job and get this I was let go after 3 week becaus Brad the plant manager felt like I was to slow never mind I didnt have to move from my work area I literally stayed in the same spot all 8 hours .And never mind the fact that I left a job I was on for 5 years to go somewhere to be fired 3weeks later. What makes it so bad Mike carequello knew the plant manager fired guys for almost no reason.Aerotek *** ,I feel if they were looking out for our best interest(their clients) someone wouldve informed me to not leave for TCI in jax Fl, But their more concerned with gambling with peoples lives for a bonus check I forgive them just would never work with them anymore.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Store Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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