I am very disappointed with Aerotek. I was laid off from the company that they sent me to, after working almost 1 year with the company.

I was coming over to pick up my last check, because we were told to go there to pick it up. Come to find out that it was going to be at the office, instead. As I left, there was a news reporter that wanted to ask me some questions about Aerotek. One Aerotek employee walked up to us and said that she said to me that she wants me to get off the companies property as soon as possible.

First of all, that is not Aerotek property. They had a security guard on duty, and he never said anything to me about getting off the property, because I was going to be on the news to say what I wanted to say about Aerotek. The security guard knew who I was anyways. Aerotek never mentioned to us that we were going to lose our jobs, or they never said to anyone that the job was coming to an end in 2 weeks.

All we ever heard was rumors. On our day off, they called all of the employees approximately 100 people per meeting to go to the mandatory meeting. We all showed up, and we see this really nice setup in this building, with these Aerotek people all dressed up. Someone approaches the microphone on a stage and said to all of us, the company that we worked for does not want us back.

We were all shocked to hear that. The funny thing about all of this is that, not one manager from the company that we worked for, showed up to thank all of us for the job well done.

This meeting lasted less 15 minutes. I am very disappointed with Aerotek, about a very short notice about our job.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Store Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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This used to happen at the time at aviation places in eastern PA. To meet company profit margins and avoid bouses that scaled with alot more paid at the end companies will do that. I saw almost 100 people laid off on the 19th of Dec.


Flextronics, Amonix North Las Vegas, Nevada


No, it was with Flextronics, Amonix


Wouldn't happen to have worked at Keystone Helicopter or Augusta would you?

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