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employed by aerotek to work for navistar on UIK program in afghanistan 1 year contract first 10 months went fine no issues with them nor had i had any write ups or work performance issues nuthing!. two months before the end of contract all workers receive email saying our pay will be cut in four days...

which is *** because aerotek and i signed a pay agreement!!! so naturally i was pissed and responded back to the email in a negative manner and was fired by aerotek for using cuss words...even funnier i asked navistar what aerotek told them i was being fired for and they said insubordination and aerotek said for unproffesional response to email about pay cut...ok so the free flight to come home would take a week and a half and they said no to travel pay so i paid 1,700 to fly home and am now trying to get back flight re imbursement...

im also out 2 months wages and 10,000 bonus totaling 30 grand.... my thing its ***ked up to cut my pay and i have no options like a pro rated bonus and option to go home if i didnt like their pay two options quit and go home and get nothing or just deal with them breaking our signed pay agreement and live with was like them having u in a head lock nuthin you could do really...

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what fob were you at? I was at Bagram, heard about your guys' cut.

and they took your bonus! bummer