let me start at the begining. 2 years ago i was making 15 an hour for a boat company.

i got laid off from that. 2 months later i got another job making 13 an hour and a 45 mile round trip to work and back. i took the job because i needed a job and 13 an hour was the best i could find. then in october i was laid off from that job.

now these 2 jobs were fiberglass work. and we all know that *** is gooing down hill fast. ok, since i was laid of i have been searching all the websites including the unemployment job search page. i even have my resume posted on that site and several others.

now according to what i learned i cannot refuse any job offer. so aerotek called me about 3 weeks ago and offered me a job. well i didn't want to fuckthings up with ui so i took it. i drove 173 miles round trip from anacortes to south everett then to lynwood (*** test) and home.

the job is 10.75 an hour on graveyard shift. it was a 3 day contract and that was it. well i did the contract and wanted the weekend to relax and spend time with my 3 kids. i wasn't happy with 10.75 an hour nor the graveyard shift.

while i was sleeping aerotek called my mother-in-law several times looking for me. my resume says my home number before the alternate number. but he didn't bother to call me directly. she even told them to call my home number.

i was so pissed at them i called aerotek rigt after i woke up and heard about it. i said "look, number 1: you are to call my home number befoer the alternate number. number 2: its the weekend and i want to spend time with my kids. call me back on monday." and hung up.

i haven't heard anything back from them at all since then. well when it came time to file my weekly for my unemployment i have to call them on monday morning after i get the kids off to school and ezplain i am technically still employed but am waiting to hear from them. i didn't quit and they didn't say i'm fired. my friend has been thru this before with a different temp service and she told me i don't have to keep with aerotek because they won't pay me the wages i need to survive.

so i decided ok i'll just keep looking and keep aerotek on the side for now to be safe. what i am pissed about is these temp services that call you informing me they saw my resume on the unemployment site and want to hire me for *** pay. i don't know if i can do it. my rent is 950 a month, i have 3 kids (5 yr old boy, 9 yr old boy and 13 yr old daughter), i need better than 10.75 an hour to support my family.

unemployment pays me 1300 a month after tax and my wife works. with what we make we are fine. do i really have to take these *** pay jobs?

what can i do? i hate temp services.

Store Location: Seattle, Washington

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I know in Rhode Island where im from, You dont have to except a new job unless it pays more that your UI benefits.


thank you anonymous :) finally someone gets it. i am employed now thankfully, but its on call.

its better than nothing. i am still looking around for fulltime work. i avoid temp services at all costs now, i'll never work for one ever again. they *** you over every way they can.

they'll say temp to hire but a friend of mine that is still employed by aerotek is still a temp to this day working in the same position as when he started 4 years ago. and he commutes 35 miles a day for 10.50 an hour.

poor guy, i feel for him. so, unless you are absolutely desperate and don't care about your future.....stay away from temp services.


People need to put themselves in this persons shoes,instead of name calling. I am not too crazy about temp jobs myself.

I had one that played around with my paycheck. I called the department of labor and they told me to start looking for another job, and will get them if they do not give me my money after a certain amount of days. They also warned me about these temp agencies, because they will keep you from unemployment when your entitled to it. Aerotek has called me many times and I would not work for them at all.

Very unprofessional! People stay away!


:) Hey "unbelievable" check your spelling and grammar usage, its "than" not "then"


*** *** you don't know ***


You sound like a total cry baby. You have three kids and no steady job???

Your kids must be real proud...ha! I'm probably half your age and have it together better then you!


:) well i called the telecenter and explained this to them. i'm surprised they totally understood my problem.

they said to keep doing my weekly claim and if its asks why i didn't work the week i am claiming to click "lack of work" since i am technically on standby. i still haven't heard from aerotek. i aian't gonna bother calling them to find out why cause honestly i could give a rats ***. so i am out of the hot water i felt not knowing if i am gonna lose my ui bennies or not.

i'm guessing since i posted this and has 72 hits on it already that i am not alone with this temp service ***. i have been going to the unemployment office doing their silly little classes, my next one getting me into schooling so i can get out of this situation. the last one i went to was called "surviving the recession".

it was pretty informative. anyway, thanks for caring enough to read my complaint 8)

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