Memphis, Tennessee

This company is something else, I just accepted a position with them and tentatively scheduled to fill out paper work on Monday. At the end of the work day, the recruiter that I am working with emailed me a list of documents that I need to bring with me.

In the list it included 7 years of my previous Tax Returns. Is this there normal practice? There has been a lot of back and forth in terms of negotiations regarding this position.

In my professional career, I have never been asked by ANYONE to provide such personal information. I am totally perplexed!!!!!


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What type of job was it. It is not our typical practice to ask for tax returns, however, through our screening process if it is something out client has asked for then we must provide in every legal manner.

I feel this practice is more common in jobs that have a financial background. Jobs at banks, payment centers, or any jobs where you must handle money, numbers, or finances.


I wouldn't say it was common practice, but it's legal and becoming more prevalent. I think it's complete *** but in this job market, companies get away with asking for whatever they want. I believe you're allowed to black out certain info, but you'd have to look into what that is.

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