well i would have to agree with melissa this is the worst temp agency you can recruit with i've worked for them for almost 7mos now and they just let us go tell you the truth this company only cares about the money they make off you they will never follow up with you to see how your doing nor would they answer calls and they will even breach the contract in order to agree with your employer they do have benefits as far as medical but there is no paid vacation or no holiday accumulation and all there staff has attitudes the manager must be in her 20's on the first day when i was signing paperwork cory erickson sat there and talked to her girl about how good this guy was looking last night at the club i felt this was very unprofessional and i thought in my mind really is , she the manager i really hope people read this to know the truth about aerotek professional agency , please don't make the same mistake i did research your company thoroughly before following through with it and oh yea this agency has been known to try and grab other temp agency candidates saying they bought they're original agency , as far as unemployment they will do everything possible to not pay i wish the state of washington would shut this agency down i have seen many negative reviews heres one more ....

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruitment.

Store Location: Bellevue, Washington

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I actually liked working with Aerotek. Maybe it was because I worked with an on site manager for the company that hired me, but she was excellent and really went above and beyond what I expected to get me a job. Yes, you get underpaid when using recruiters and get fewer benefits but Aerotek got me a job with a world renowned tech company and even when my contract expires in a year or two the job they got me into is going to really look impressive on my resume and make it easier to get into a well paying perm job in my field.


I guess im the lucky one. They gave me a good job, work with Genie.

Awful customer service but I'm only there for the money. As far as i care about Aerotek, they can go to ***.


When i started with this company i was told that i would be awarded with incentive pay and they also told me that i would be able to be a full time job with the contract that i was working for. I got injured over five times and never went to the doctors never took time off and for all this i got *** in the *** when i went to collect unemployment.

Everything was fine until i got a letter from the state saying that Aerotek is contesting my claim. I went to court trying to show the judge that Aerotek was lying and that the Onsite manager was not telling the truth.

But my temper got the best of me and i stayed quite and indoing so i lost out and now i have to pay back the state over $2300. *** Aerotek and everyone there


- They never told me how many vacation hours I accrued. I always had to call them, then they had to call their accounting department and then they'd call me back with my vacation hours.

No one knows what's going on in the Bellevue office.

Whenever I'd call, they sounded like they were a bunch of young frat boys and sorority girls.

- They'll lay you off and claim that you quit so that your unemployment claim gets denied. They're liars and I will never work for them again.


Im very sorry guys for the late reply but im very happy people read this site on behalf of myself and others i think aerotek temp agency should be closed they are very rude and unprofessional at what they do and the pay is *** with the amt of overtime i did with this company i only made there pockets large but yes pass this on to your friends and co- workers everyone should know the ugly truth behind aerotek here and washington state and else where , please do takecare friends as im unemployed searching just like you guys because aerotek ruined my life along with others ....


there was posting dated 01/20/2010, howevere when contacted after sending the resume I was told that they are just collecting the resume pro actively for future use.that sucksIf they do not have any job opening why would they post it and playing with the sentiment with already frustrated job seekers.


I just received a call from Aerotek. The man was very unprofessional on the phone.

I have been job searching for a few months and I can pick them out really easily now.

This guy put me on hold 4 different times while on the phone, and never told me the name of the company I would be interviewing for, and barely even talked about the position....just the money....Good thing I came online and found tons of different reports dating from 2004 to a few days ago about what these people are really about. I'd rather go to a more professional company than some company who are completely unprepared when they telephone you

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