I applied for a Aerotek job. They called me told me about the job and said I could apply.

They didn't send my resume, but said I would have to undergo prescreening by one of their recruiters. Missed a call, called them immediately back many times and couldn't reach the recruiter. This happened once more and another Aerotek person assured me that I could still be prescreened for the position and that never happened. When Aerotek first contacted me another agency called me about 1/2 hour later and was going to submit my resume.

When I registered with this other agency, I even interviewed with them and they would have definitely submitted my resume to the client company.

*** me, I should have called Aerotek back and say no thanks because I would gotten a lot better of a chance of getting the job if I had went with the other agency and not Aerotek. All I got to say is how unprofessional.

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never tell one agency that you applied with another agency


I went in for my interview for the toyota position was 100% honest to the gentleman that was interviewing me as soon as that *** heard i had a misdemenor on my record. He started to drill me about every little detail with my resume not the part of what i did with the companys i worked with but the dates saying well what days exactly were you employed then pretty much was like well um i guess i will call you on Friday very unprofessional felt like i was going through the an interogation being hounded worst company ever.


I was told by an Aerotek employee in San Antonio, Jose Luis Gomez, that it would take 4 to 6 weeks before being notified if I'm hired or not, for a manufacturing position. I called Toyota's HR department, and I was informed that it can take up to 6 months.

When I called Gomez, he comes across as if he's irritated over the phone; simply said, he doesn't want to talk, or at least not with me.

He just repeats himself over and over, "How can I direct your call, how can I direct your call, how can I direct you call", in an agitated tone of voice. It leads me to believe that this is how they (Aerotek employees) justify earning a living...doing nothing that they say they're going to do.

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