I'm discusted with Aerotek, They lie to get there clients jobs, changes resumes to say they can do things they can not do. Which is an out write lie!

Do not believe a word of the Aerotek in the state of MA. They lie and go thru there staff quicker than those tempoary jobs last.

Oh and since I mentioned tempoary work, Trust me there is not such thing as temp to perm or temp/perm. Its a lie they like to use to get you intrested in the jobs they have which usualloy only last from 3 to maybe if your lucky 6 months.

Store Location: Worcester, Massachusetts

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Honest- Maybe if you knew how to spell 4th grade words, you'd be able to find a job!


It is very clear to me why they would have seen it beneficial to change your resumes considering the amazing spelling talents you have. It was probably to your advantage that they changed as much of your resume as possible.


You are so correct!!! There is a large number of Washington employees about to bolt because of Aerotek. It's a professional job & as you can imagine, it's all about the bank roll.

For the people that say how great Aerotek is, they haven't been in our shoes where risks are higher.

I'm surprised in the contracts they enter into which puts the contracts at risk because they cannot go to Aerotek for assistance or thru the work location. We need to reach out to the authorities because what i am reading are valid concerns and many labor laws broken.

Stand up for yourself and others who are afraid to reach out. Make those calls and write those letters.


Additional corrections:

things not thing

their not there

My apologies


I'm disgusted with Aerotek. They lie to get their clients jobs, change resumes to say they can do thing they can not do.

This is an outright lie! Do not believe a word the Aerotek in the state of MA says. They lie and go through there staff quicker than those temporary jobs last. Since I mentioned temporary work, trust me, there is no such thing as temp to perm or temp/perm.

It is a lie they like to use to get you interested in the jobs they have which usually only last from three to maybe, if you are lucky, six months.

I completely disagree with you and have had nothing but good experiences involving Aerotek. I just thought I would help your terrible grammar/spelling out as it is infuriating to read the dribble that ignorant people post on sites such as these.


I caint beleave Airtek dint har me! I'm a frikkin rockit signtists!


Wow dude... you should really do a spell check if you want your complaint to be taken seriously....

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