Brware of this agency.

Hired by Aerotek for a temp-to-perm job at a large financial institution as an administrative assistant. Was on the job for 22 months and there was no permanent job to be had - the position I was in had only been staffed by temps for years prior to my being placed in the position and I was replaced by another temp.

I've worked for a lot of temp agencies over time and this company is totally unethical. Not only do you not get paid holidays or any accrued vacation time based on number of hours worked (read your contract carefully because they will "mislead" you during your interview), but sometimes they neglect to pay you. When they do neglect to pay you, it can take days of phone work trying to reach a person (in my experience, they don't respond to voice mail messages) and sometimes it takes over a week to get your missing pay, but only if you manage to reach a human so keep trying. Even calling their corporate headquarters in MD will only get you voice mail and your calls aren't returned.

Aerotek exploits the unemployed in these hard times by paying slave wages and dodging any contact with you, their employee, once they place you at a job. Most "quality" agencies offer paid holidays and accrued vacation time after you work a certain number of hours. Aerotek will tell you that they do, but if you carefully read the contract, there is no mention of it.

If you decide that a low paying job with no benefits or perks is better than no job (that's the position I was in when hired by Aerotek), be aware up front that you will never receive holiday pay, accrue vacation time or get a raise.

Find another agency, one that respects their employees and treats you with dignity.

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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I don't know what agencies you are working for that pays Holidays, vacations,sick or any of that yes some will give you a BONUS check for working so many hrs but they never call it holiday. Holiday pay is determined by you contract with the place you will be doing the work for if they don't want to pay the extra for the holiday they won't put it in the contract same with over time and all the other nice extra stuff PERMANENT workers get.

If you want the extra stuff get a permanent job. I have worked with 2 well knowing agencies in my state and they don't even pay holiday or vacation.


It's the client company's decision whether to bring you on as a perm. employee and not Aerotek's.

Having said that, Aerotek is not a good agency, in my opinion.

All their recruiters are straight from college hires with no recruiting/staffing experience. They are also one of those agencies that use applicant references as a way to gain new clients.


Oh this is a sad thing going on around here. Try Going for agencies with TrimOrg listing.

It is a sure shot way to finding the right agencies which have a good score and with reviews from candidates and clients.

And it is always wise to research the company before joining them. Good luck!


I looked at TrimORg and found it basically has no content.


Has anyone had problems with this company's checks? I have gotten two checks from them that the bank says "no funds are available" and placed a 4 day hold on the check.

Also, my bank told me that they are under investigation for fraudulent checks. I just want my monye I've worked hard for...


Unethical is the Aerotek way!!!! Big joke...this company.

I think the reason professional businesses do business with them is because they will enter into contracts that put their contractors, professional contractors, at risk.

This way Aerotek makes the bank roll - not accountable; the hiring location is also not accountable. Contractors are screwed!!!!


It is a bad thing when these staffing agencies screw with us this way! I would only insist on checking the reviews of such agencies before we join them. TrimOrg for example is an apt place where employees, agencies and Companies can check the scores of these staffing agencies so that those who work and those who pay them will not be fooled in the process.


There are no reviews at that site for Aerotek. For kicks and giggles, I tried Manpower, Express, insight Global, AppleOne, Adecco, Kelly, Kforce, Randstad, etc.

No reviews! Why is that?


I've worked for temp agencies a few times and currently working for aerotek. If your working temp to perm, move on after 3 months because that is a pretty standard number.

I personally spent six months as a temp before being hired on, that's because I didn't speak up. The fact is aerotek does not hire you the company does.

Im able to get hired on in just 2 months, because I know better now. Im either worth hiring or not and you have to push that fact.


They don't answer their emails or phone calls here in Kansas City either. It took 6 weeks of numerous phone calls and emails before I received a phone call back from Ronnie Lawsons, only after I had left a stern voice mail.

When he did call back he tried over talking me stating he had made a mistake and with him trying to give me advice.

He had also said he didn't know if he wanted to put me in front of his clients after my stern voice mail I had left after getting no response from them after 6 weeks. Total waste of time with clowns as agents.


put your money were your mouth is this company will do all they can as long as you ask questions up front and do your homework

this is not trump international.


I am currently employed by Aerotek here in Spokane, WA and haven't had any problems whatsoever! I got paid for my holidays(after being there after so many hours) and will be getting holiday time available in the middle of June. I can't imagine it would vary state to state?


and another point...if you don't receive your paycheck...Aerotek has to wait a certain amount of days before they can put a stop to your check and replace it.


I'm currently a customer support associate working internally for Aerorek. We have a lot of problems with checks going missing through usps.

We send them through the mail when we get them from Corporate every Thurs.

Once they are in usps's hands, there's nothing we can do if it doesn't get to you, and it is policy that you have to wait 10 business days to make sure the check wasn't just late through the mail before reissuing one. I feel terrible when this happens, but most of the time it isn't my fault and there's no solution :/


Working as a temp you have to work a certain number of hours in order to receive vacation or holiday pay. You start working at a job and expect to take a vacation..and be paid for it right after you start.

All I am reading is complaint after complaint about Aerotek, when really its you, the unemployed that can't hold a steady job then blame the recruiters that bust their butts to try and employ people.

Do you realize how many hundreds of calls they receive each day????? Sickning.


wow what a *** comment


But it's true, no benefits, no holiday pay, no sick days, no return contact, etc. It is the worst temp agency I have ever worked for.


@pestimistic that's why because you said that you will never be blessed and will remain exactly where you are...very ignorant statement

God Bless


the unemployed should drop dead and that's it!!!!


the unemployed should drop dead and thats it!!! your quite ignorant arnt you pesimistic!!! WOW!!!!

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