Aerotek is the worst employment agency I have ever been signed with. They never get me any jobs...One of the reps named Kiran is snotty and is not helpful at all.

She's rude at times as well. I *** want a temp job, do not go to Aerotek in Rancho Cucamonga,ca or you will be real upset and still jobless. They need better management. non of the recruiters care if you get a job as long as they have one.

I have been with them for years and have only gotten one job with them. This is a horrible company!!!!!Beware!!!!!!

Store Location: Riverside, California

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I had an interview over the phone and then came in the following day at their office, I met with a interviewer and then he sent in another fellow to interview me. I was not prepared, after 2 years of unemployment I kind of freaked out.

I wish I would have visited this wesite earlier and I might have been prepared in what to say. I think they try to trip you up.

It was aassemby position, I worked for twenty five years at as a maintaince mechanic. The contract job offered paid 11.00 per hour.They never got back with me.


Dallas tx. Certified forklift operator over 20yrs.

Need a job


Aerotek sucks! Called in one day and you will get harrassing phone calls and emails.

The next morning after calling in I get a frantic call about missing a couple days and how I didnt make it to work that morning. I had to explain that it was only one day and Im on second shift. I dont work in the mornings. Then this lady went on about how all these people called in blah blah blah like I really have any control over that.

Then theres all the other *** they *** with when you initial and sign all that paperwork. They unproffessional, unethical, and just straight up ***.

Aerotek and agencies like it should be illegal! They screw over employees because everyone is desperate for work.


Columbus Ohio (Dublin)

I emigrated to the US in 04, and signed up with lots of agencies, Aerotek being one. In the 8 years I've been here, Aerotek have called me numerous times, blowing smoke up my behind with promises they can't keep.

First of it's the How you doin phonecall, with the premise of lots of jobs in your field, then please post your latest resumes..excellent, and professional so far. Then they want you to travel from anywhere Ohio, to meet the recruiter for the 10 minute handshake,(which is a waste of time, it's checks a box for client visit) and pump you up about the job you're about to get hired for..how could your next potential employer say no?

Several times this has happened, and always at the last minute Aerotek have come back and said "Awww..they wasn't looking for you specifically..and then give you a counter offer, of a job that they have been trying to fill for weeks.

Bait and switch.

I was offered a job, details over the phone sounded wonderful, came in to sign the contract, and the hourly rate was different, the shift was different, and I had never set foot inside the factory, or knew who I was working for.

Bait and switch, and very unprofessional.

If you're desperate, fresh out of high school, and need a job..look in the newspapers, or do the leg work yourself.

If your in your 40's, 20 years of experience, and expect a certain level of courtesy and professionalism, go to Career Builder, and tell Aerotek, to step up their game.

There're lazy ***, and don't give a *** about their clients.


Worked 1 day with a drunken co worker who also stoled tools. :x


aerotek is horrible ! i got hired on last thursday then yesterday i was working and got sent home early, the person at aerotek then called me and said the company i was working for is letting me go due to a attitude problem and being on my phone.

1 i didnt have a attitude problem one bit towards anyone and 2.

i left my phone in my car. THIS PLACE IS ***


The truth is some people are just not hireable. There is probably a reason you've had 4 jobs in 2 years, or always have a problem with coworkers, or conspiracies, or you always get " laid off." this is a common complaint for aerotek or other staffing companies.

No one wants to take any responsibilities for their own actions and the outcome for their actions. Staffing services can dress up a terd all day but when it comes down to it an employer will smell the stink, and pass on someone who is a horrible employee. Guess what ? Not everyone can get hired or get everything they ask for!

ThIs is reality and bitterness towards a person who tries to help you but can't bc you aren't a suitable candidate isn't justifiable.

I have dreams and aspirations in my career but job jumping and making excuses aren't going to get me there only hard work and determination, and possibly some luck. These job boards and all the negativity on them just shows the declining quality of candidates in the American workforce and the rising amounts of " it's there fault not mine" job seekers


AEROTEK in Tampa, FL:

Promissed me a job and said they would get back to me but never did. When I called the would just say it is taking longer than we thought to get people jobs. 3 years later never heard back. Thats after 15 calls and several e-mails, all responding I would have to wait longer. I believe that Aerotek is selling identies!

I ended up getting a good Job with a local temp co. that has paid holidays after 90 days and also has 2 week paid vacations, per year after 90 days. I have been there for 7 months.



Aerotek in Montgomery Alabama got ma an amazing job making over $700 a week. NO COMPLAINTS HERE.


Well i worked through them, got both of my current jobs with there help. I have a lot of experience prior to this and maybe having good work ethic contributed to my ease in getting these jobs.

Aerotek is a staffing agency, there not a scam.

As a member of the U.S. army i actually have recommended this agency to my fellow soldiers, all of us who are now employed, with no complaints.


I worked with aerotek in their Pittsburgh, PA office. I accepted a job through them as a customer service rep for a company, I was assured multiple times by my recruiter that this was not a telemarketing job and I would not be cold calling people.

I show up at the job and find that they had lied to me and it was indeed a telemarketing job.

When I called them out on this an arrogant recruiter named "chuck" tried to turn it around and blame the situation on me. Will never deal with this company again.


Aerotek in williamsport Pa is amazing, great staff and they worked quick to find me a job


Forgot one thing aerotek office in san diego... Stay away!!!!!


Horrible service, lost pay, no back pay,never answer there phones or return calls. U need something /help they aerotek is not there to help u.


I Dont reccommend them. SUCK SuCK


PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity. You can email me at co_unemployment@live.com or call 720-270-1468. PLEASE let me know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous.


Sue them! They are being sued by many people around the country because of their illegal practices. Contact the media.


I received an email from an Aerotek recruiter, apparently he accessed my resume from Monster,com,and he said there was an opening for insurance agent job and he gave me the name of this Peter Guy, from Aerotek, who was not there when I showed up for the interview, rather some other guy that looked all of 18 yrs old, greeted me. He was nice, but barely asked any questions.

I was called by the supposed company that was going to hire me. I now realize the call probably came from Aerotek. I went in to complete the contract. I gave them all of my personal data, I went in for a drug test, I was given a start date, they kept moving up the start date, I knew something was fishy when they gave me some bogus contacts, from the company that had supposedly hired me.

I checked them out and they worked for Aerotek. Finally, they came up with a bogus start date, this dragged on for about 3 weeks. I kept getting emails with excuses. I was fed up, finally, i received a call from Dan C, one of the recruiters, he said the company changed its mind and everything was on hold.

What a ***...like I didn't know he was just buying time. Never again will I waste my time with this company. I feel so had it's ridiculous- what they can put people through, without being accountable; you are just a game to them –something to fill their schedule.

I should have trusted all the complaints I read prior to going in, I was in denial- I would have saved myself a lot of time, gas, and aggravation. At some point this company will be held accountable- I hope I see the day.


I just spent several days going over my fiances through the paperless pay stub system.

they owe me over 600 dollars.

My advice to all is check your pay each and every week and make a stink if it's out by a dollar.

Mike ..


Just say "NO" to aerotek

Say Yes to UNION!


Sorry MJN not just you, aerotek employees at BMS is having the same problem with the unprofessional recruiters. I have worked for two other temp services and they were very professional, unlike aerotek.

I have never heard so many lies, lie after lie. How do you think people (aerotek employees) are going to act after being lied to and emotionally abused?

I will not even capitalize the "a" in aerotek, they do not deserve the respect! Pleeease BMS and MJN keep Evansville and the surrounding area family oriented, get rid of aerotek!!!!

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