I was contacted by the recuiter for a call center job. First, the recuiter called me repeatedly, even the sunday before I was to start work "Just to make sure I was still gonna show up".

I was to be there at 7am and she called me at 655 when I was pullng in the driveway to the job and told me rudely to "call xxx to let him know I was there". THis is the same girl that sent me a nasty email when I didnt answer my cell phone that if she cant get ahold of me she wasnt comfortable referring me to a company. The place i went to work for didnt have internet access and I didnt have it at home, so I had no way to turn in an electronic timesheet. My 3rd week there my grandmother died, so I missed 1 1/2 days for her funeral, and when i told them about it they said "sorry about your gramma, I guess we can let you have it off." the next week I was very very sick, and by thursday my infant son had gotten sick and was hospitalized.

I called in by 630 am to let them know that I wouldnt be in. The next monday I had to take him back to the dr and was given a face like "you have to miss again" as if I had chosen to miss days. The comapny used a points system that was nearly impossible as a single parent. Finally I called aerotek and told them I wouldbt be returning to the assignment after all this, and the account manager started to YELL at me.

I couldnt beleive it. I kept my temper under control and told him that I didnt feel that it was a fit and I was too stressed out for this job. And if I needed to take my kids to an appt or leave early or come it late, I needed that flexibilty. It wasnt gonna happend there.

THe point of contract jobs is when its not a fit you shouldnt try to be forced to stay in it.

My experience was the worst of all temp agencies I have dealt with.

They were rude and pushy. Being yelled at by the account manager definately didnt help their cause of trying to give a good impression.

Store Location: Maple Grove, Minnesota

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*** Aerotek!..and *** you too...the *** you know about work ethic..fucken computer bangers probably jerking off in your moms house..lol...the *** does it matter...*** doesnt fit find something else your gonna love and enjoy..seems like the above need aerotek to find you alls unemployed *** a job!!


You're a deadbeat like th above comment indicates. Show up to work and do as youre told.

This is why recruiters constantly have to make sure temps are going to show up - I applaud the recruiter for working and checkin in with you on a Sunday. You needed "flexibility" - wake up and smell the coffee - companies need reliable employees not your personal issues ie children, grandma and whatever other nonsense you're spouting about


Ha you missed multiple days in your first two weeks and then quit without notice? I would be upset too if i was Aerotek. Good work ethic!

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