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I have a Class 3 felony, aggravated battery, 11 months old. I told Aerotek and the employer they sent me to, so as to be upfront and honest with them going into the interview.

Aerotek contacted the potential employer, and due to my experience as a machinist, the possible new employer agreed to let aerotek run my backround and see what came back. Aerotek contacted me that same day, and told me what they planned on doing. I told Aerotek I wouldn't give notice or quit the job I already had until the new job was 100% cleared and mine for the taking. Aerotek then explained it could take up to 6 weeks to get results back, and I told them I'd give my current employer notice only when I was positive nothing could harm my employment status.

I was also told that the potential new employer asked for the check, and would hold the position open for me, due to my extensive machining backround. That being said, I went on working at my job, and expected to have at least 4 weeks in waiting. Instead, at around 2 weeks after sending off backround check I received an email telling me that I had been cleared, the check came back and said I was ok to go to work for the new employer. I called Aerotek (Bloomington Il.) and spoke to them to make sure I read the email right.

I was told I had been cleared, I was good to go to work for the new employer. But the giving notice to my job went by the wayside as Aerotek said I needed to orientate on day shift for 1 day, and begin training on 2nd shift the next night, they seemed hurried and wanting to make sure one of their "workers" started the job that upcoming week. I did start, received another email in my 1rst week on the job. Aerotek sent backround paperwork with my name Randy Finckbone, and I was told a 2nd check was now needed using my birth name Randall Finckbone.

The entire time Aerotek promised me that everything was ok, go to work, don't worry, don't miss any work, the 2nd backround check "might cost you the job Randy, but we think you'll be good to go" .... My 2nd week on new job, a Wednesday, I called Aerotek because I hadn't gotten my pay card, and payday was that week. Instead of getting my pay card information I got fired. My 2nd backround check came back, (?

3 to 5 business days) IT HAD A FELONY ON IT, AND I WAS TO NOT GO INTO WORK, AND IF I HAD PERSONAL ITEMS THERE, AEROTEK WOULD GO GET THEM FOR ME. I have a felony under a year old, jobs are hard enough these days, add a felony, and it's nearly impossible. Oh but yes, Aerotek did call me when I made it clear they were at fault for my loss of not one job, but two. They called, and pretty much demanded I absolve them of any wrong doing, which I do not.

They were told of the felony, they were told of my fears of, well just exactly what they just let happen. But, Randy and not Randall, on forms for the check, they blamed that on me. I asked them, and now I'll ask you, isn't it Aeroteks job, I don't know, to perhaps catch paperwork errors and have them corrected? I have no job, no savings, can't pay bills, child support, I still have fines, and if I miss those payments I can go to jail.

WHY? Because I thought Aerotek had my best interest in mind, they lied, they had money from my machinist experience on their mind. They are still working, making money, and I really doubt they care if I ever get a job or go to prison, I'm no longer of use to them, so blame me for them not knowing or doing their jobs. Here's why I want some sort of action, or make them pay me for their lazy work ethics.

My 12 year old son lives in Oklahoma, I now have to tell him I no longer have a job. No money, no child support. No job, no money, no way I can get him for our summer visit, and looking into him staying for school.

Randy or Randall, date of birth and SSI# are always the same? Can I make Aerotek admit their wrong and reimburse me for all of this lost money?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruitment.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aerotek Pros: How they lie.

Aerotek Cons: How they lie.

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