K was called by a recruiter from aerotek her name was sara. I wasnt hired because of my credit report came back.

I filled out a book of paper work my understanding was I was getting hired. Dnt waste your time with this company they are a joke. I wouldnt committ a crime but I can see how others would just to survive. is it illegal to not hire someone based on there credit.

I wouldnt recommend aerotek here *** n a cup, run your credit, background.

They offer a *** wave to go along with there promises of employment. Dirty people im telling you.

Store Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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Anonymous is an aerotek recruiter.


If this is how you write outside of this website, you may have also have been passed up for that. You've made mistakes in every sentence you just wrote.


LOVE the comment; these people wonder why they cannot find jobs...............


Aerotek does not set the precedence of a background check; rather, the CLIENT has specific requirements that they place for background screening that usually parallels that of their own internal background checks (i.e financial institutions or any positions handling monetary transactions in particular). Your offer was contingent upon a successful background check, as with any company you would accept an offer with and do a background check (this is even laid out in that book of paperwork you received). Furthermore, Aerotek could not have ruled you out prior to an offer due to a background check, as it is actually illegal to decline an opportunity up front based on discrimination until the actual background check flags.

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