After contacting my recruiter about a prior contract ending and wanting to get placed in another position immediately, my recruiter named Ryan had told me he could not place me in another position because I was pregnant and because their "clients" want someone who will be there to work with no accommodations and that they wouldn't be willing to give me maternity leave. You sign the paper work stating that they work with EEOC and that there is no discrimination but they do.

Now I have a pending case with EEOC and refused their one wk of pay offer.

If recruiters do what they're supposed to and assist you in job placement regardless of sex there wouldn't be a problem. I want to report them to the news.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Monetary Loss: $39000.

Store Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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Im sorry to hear that, its crazy what pregnant women go through when we simply just want to worknto support our child. I am with aerotek and they were great with me.

They not only found me 1 job while pregnant but 2!

7 months pregnants at that.. you should file a lawsuit and or report your recruiter.


Your an ***. I'm sure they would love to to pay you to not do anything. Have a stable life before you get knocked up


For what? Not wasting their or their clients time and money? Reapply after your confinement ends.

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