I was looking for a job online and did a search for a temp agency and Aerotek came up I found a job I was very interested in and it was close to my house a perfect fit, I tried to register on line going through their process I got all the way to the end after putting in all of the information that they asked for and the system stalled or froze on their end, when I called and told them they did not seem to concerned. I got an appointment to see a recruiter took the time to go to an interview he talked me out of applying for the job saying he had something better in mine and to give him a day or to to get back to me...days later nothing...I sent an e-mail and left a voice mail.....days later nothing.....called left another message and e-mail..... days later nothing...I called the office number and the recruiter answered the phone and seemed caught off guard that it was me...he made multiple excuses as to why he never got back to me....then promises that he will get back to me on Monday after the weekend.......and nothing....Now I have to figure out if the job he talked me out of is still available after keeping me waiting for a week.


Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Store Location: Omaha, Nebraska

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*** Aerotek!


I was called to Aerotek 3 times for a job they had that matched my resume-when I got there the person who had called my house was not even there by that name and I was told ohhh you must have misunderstood-okay I drove here for nothing again- but this is typical of L.I. very strange people. Stay away from this place its a waste of time and I don't think these jobs even exist they say they get.

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