Aerotek is only concerned in satisfying their client. They have no interest in actually matching employees with good employers.

Nor do they care about your safety, health or satisfaction on the job. They are no better than a mafia, if you want the job you have to go through them and give them a cut. Companies use them to absolve them selves of any obligation to their "employees". I say "employees" because unless you are just placed by aerotek, you are an employee of aerotek NOT the company you actually work for.

So on one side you work for a company that doesn't care about you because you don't work for them, and on the other you don't actually work for aerotek, so you can be terminated and any time with out notice or explanation. The company you actually work for claims that aerotek is your employer so they owe you nothing. An` aerotek does not care or have any feeling of obligation to explain or tell you anything they actually feel inconvenienced that they have to find some one new even though it is their job. Once you are staffed you will never hear from anyone from Aerotek ever again unless they need something from you to close out their$weekly payroll.

And they only reason they even do that is because they only get paid if approved by the client, so it is really only for them not you.

If a better job comes along that would be a better fit for you they will not even consider you. Working THROUGH Aerotek was one of the worst experiences in my life and that comes from a soldier deployed in Afghanistan for a year.

Store Location: Tampa, Florida

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Aerotek gives people an opportunity with companies. They give everyone an equal and fair chance.

The people who post on these things negatively more than likely have a poor work ethic. They shoot their employees strait like they did for me and give feedback. They dont blow smoke up your ***, they tell you the truth about your performance that they receive from their clients that you worked for. Learn a positive work ethic, dont *** b/c you dont have any.

If you did well in the job you wouldn't be fired. Dont be mad at them for giving you a chance and you blowing it. They do care about their contractors that work form them.

Ive seen it and experienced it. I was once one.


:grin :upset :roll


I have worked for AeroTek and I have hired engineers through AeroTek. I used to think AeroTek was the best of the best. I still think that of one or two of their offices.

HOWEVER, I currently work for them and they screwed me out of the "good" health insurace. (Only consultants get that health insurance, and they changed me to a project engineer the week I had to enroll -- which meant that if I got the *** benefits it would have cost me $400 a WEEK). Now that I have turned down the insurance, I am back to being a consultant. Funny how that worked.

Additionally, they told me to make the guy I work with look good even though he is a back-stabbing, self-promoting, lying, complaining, know-nothing who is depending on my knowledge to get him through. He also steals credit for the work product of the WOMEN engineers he works with and AeroTek knows this and does nothing.

I don't even try anymore. I go into work, do both of our jobs, and play dumb woman in meetings because that is what AeroTek wants me to do. I am counting down the last six or seven weeks left to this assignment.

However, I did tell the area manager for AeroTek that she needed to quit screaming at me and threatening me as I have hired far more people from them than the 3 positions they have placed me in over the past 12 years.

She kept screaming at me that she will not be threatened. All I said was that she should watch what wells she poisons as I will soon be in a position to hire engineers and it would be a shame if she poisoned AeroTeks well in her hurry to do me harm.

What a crazy woman. She also screamed at the other woman AeroTek engineer. It is crazy-making, immature, and irresponsible. It is also actionable, but I am too busy living my life to spend anymore time on fools and children in adult bodies.

HOWEVER!!!!!! The office in Montgomery, Alabama is the best agency I have every worked with and I would still hire both exempt and non-exempt employees through that office. Jason Simons is the best recruiter and he found me a great engineer, quickly, and with no hassles. I only had to interview the one person and I knew that Jason had hit the mark. Unfortunately, not all AeroTek employees are as good as Jason.

When I hire again, I will remember that AeroTek's insurance is expensive, at the highest level it only reimburses 70% of what Aetna considers to be 'usual and customary,' and to have so little care for the professionals who work for you is not respecting your employees and taking advantage of your workers.

I can only say that AeroTek has certainly changed over the past decade, and not for the better.


I was called by Aerotek to work for the Local Water Company in my town,as a Meter Reader. I have never read a meter.

There is more to it than just reading #s it involves alot of Physical Back breaking labor as the Tools you use are not suited for the Job. I worked like 3 days to the point of having to go see a Dr due to my Back Locking up due to having to bend over to unlock tops with tools that are not suited for the job. The Guy training me was not helpful he just kept saying "act like im not here" when I would ask questions. I contacted my Rep Brandon Ferguson about the Situation and the Lack of Training I was recieveing and how I was Hurting in my Back and Neck from the Work being done with unsafe Equipment.

I was told by the Rep "He did not have time to talk to me and could care less about my well being he had to hang up the phone to get somebody who could do the job this Client was way too important" So aerotek is a *** hole company who does not care about there Workers or there Well Being. I plan on filing a Complaint with the Labor Board. The Working conditions were Unsafe. The equipment given was not made for the Job.

The training was Null and Void.

The rep stated he did not care the Contract was more Imnportant. Please Avoid Aerotek


Yes, their job is and always have been to provide people to the companies who are their clients. They're not a charity, and have to make money some way - you didn't have to pay them, right?

If you're lucky, like I was, you'll get some friendly and decent Aerotek staff to deal with.

But it's also on the company you work for - luckily, the company where I was placed treats me well. But I was told all the horror stories about temp agencies, and I chose carefully before going with them.


Let someone know your story so Aerotek will stop their unethical practices.

PLEASE let a reporter know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous. I have received inquiries from 2 reporters about this story - PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity.



Hello and thank you for your comment.

We take all feedback seriously. If you would be so kind as to respond with the details to servicecomplaint@aerotek.com someone will connect with you shortly.

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