First off im not even sure how Aerotek got my name and number but I was out of work and thought that I would give them a try. BE WARNED...Know your playing field!

Do not sign anything until you speak to the client that Aerotek is hiring you for! Aerotek found me a job with a company in Adrian Mich. They had asked me what would be the lowest pay that I would except and I told them, They had called me back with a lower pay offer and i had refused. Aerotek had called me back the following day and asked me to go to the client for an interview and that I would be getting the pay that I had requested.

Fortunate for me I had gotten the job with a FANTASTIC company through Aerotek. The only problem was that I didnt ask all of the right questions during my interview such as do you pay double time on Sunday. I had worked a Saturday and 16 hours on a Sunday thinking I was getting double time like everyone else that I was working with....NOT THE CASE, I had signed a paper stating that I would only get time and a half no matter how many hours of OT. After speaking to the Client about my situation they had informed me that they were paying Aerotek $35.

an hour for my services and that I should demand my double time. Of course Aerotek refused and I told them that if they are not going to take care of their employees im going to stop taking care of them...That was the last weekend that I worked and the last of the OT. Did my 90 days and the company hired me.

DO NOT UNDERSELL YOURSELF to these crooks! Hope this review helps

Store Location: Toledo, Ohio

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Actually if the company you worked for pays double time for Sunday and you were not yet on their payroll.

I assume you were still on Aerotek's contract. Legally they do not have to pay you double time for Sunday as Federal law only stipulates that time and a half be paid for any over-time hours.

Besides it worked out for the best you were hired full-time with that client company.


PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity. You can email me at co_unemployment@live.com or call 720-270-1468. PLEASE let me know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous.


I did read the agreement and did sign but that was before I had known that the company that I was working for paid double on Sundays not to mention it was a month prior to me even starting there(sleapt a few dozen times since I had read the contract lol) .

This was my first time ever going through a staffing agency so I wasnt really sure on how much negotionating power I had. All and all it all worked out for the best.


sounds like you should have read the agreement. also sounds like they got you in the door with a great company, crooks quite strong...

did you ask if you were getting double time? my guess is no

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