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I wish there were a way to rescind this review. I was feeling so down when I wrote it. She and her manager have been working with me to help me fix the situation.

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I applied for a call center job in the Denver, CO, area. At the time I WAS still working and simply felt it was time to move on to a better playing job. Ms. Mitchel put me through some online tests and said I passed. She sent an e-mail saying that I was being offered a job in a Visa Call Center. She even sent an email with my new work schedule.

Then AFTER I had given notice and quit my job to take the new one, she called me the night before I was to go in for the orientation to tell me I couldn't be hired but because of HIPAA rules she couldn't tell me why and i would have to wait for a letter. I waited four days, wondering what HIPAA could have to do with it all that time. What I learne was that DESPITE THE FACT THAT I HAD FILLED OUT THE APPLICATION HONESTLY, a driving accident I had caused ten years before and which was counted as a felony meant that Visa wouldn't hire me. The application asked two questions: Have I been found guilty of a felony in the last 7 years? (NO) Have I ever been found guilty of a felony? (YES). I am still at a loss as to how this was HIPAA related.

It's obvious that she had not looked over my application completely. I have been calling to ask her how she is now going to find a job for me as I NOW, BECAUSE OF HER, DON'T HAVE ONE. I am out of health insurance. I am out of earning pay. I couldn't possibly collect unemployment insurance as I was not laid off.

She does not return my emails or phone calls. I am posting her name here so anyone in Denver can decide not to work with her. I will be calling her manager tomorrow. I will be calling a lawyer (family friend) to see what else I can do.

So now I am through her mistake one of the unemployed.

Store Location: Westminster, Colorado

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I knew about HIPAA laws, and so her comment had be confused for days until I finally got the notice. I had never lied on the application, as I said--so, yes, the job offer and should not have been made in the first place.

Then I wouldn't have given notice and quit my job.

I didn't know that some places didn't hire someone like me--after all, I HAD been working and maintaining good financial credit, while paying off an enormous restitution.

It was wrong what happened, but Aerotek is working with me to fix the problem.


:eek First off, there are no HIPPA laws involved with a job, unless it't involved with your health. Secondly, most jobs, now a days, like Visa call centers will not hire a Felon more less a person who has commited a misadeamor.

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