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I recently had an interview with aerotek. The Director of Business Operations in Rosemead an Ontario, LaMark Brim.

The interview went great. He liked my answer and thought they were very detailed. At the end of the interview, he asked me to call him the next day at 10am. So i did, he didnt answer.

I left a message on his office vmail. Hours later, no call. So then i left a message on this cell. Again, hours later.

no call.

Took him two days to call me back. Just to tell me the thought i was too agressive SOheWONTgiveMEanotherINTERVIEW.

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Oh, and "*** aerotech" comes off as quite aggressive. just fyi.


I usually stick to 1 call/day if I'm asked to call back.

Honestly I find asking the interviewee to call is a bit silly if one is expecting to be busy.


Interviewer- If you are truly the person who interviewed Mi1980, this is completely unprofessional and unethical. Interviews are completely confidential from the employer's standpoint. If you tell someone you are going to call them at a certain time, you should call them even if it is to inform them that you will call them at a later time.


Wow formulaforfitness I disagree with you. Sometimes things happen and calls are missed.

What world do you live in?

And you wouldn't take a job if there is missed timing?? Get off your HIGH HORSE!


If he was asked to phone at 10am the next day, his called should have been expected and accepted. Futhermore, 6pm is NOT to late to return someones phone call. I would not keep calling but would consider this very unprofessional behavior and would not accept a position with your firm.


This individual did have a good interview as he described.He was asked to follow at 10am and he did. As he mentioned he called back within a couple of hours and left another message.

Before the day was over this individual had left 4 messages within an 8 hour day. The day ended late on my end after full day of meetings and it was too late to consider returning calls after 6pm. This candidate was my first call the next day at 8:00am. I was calling him back well within 24 hours.

He was left a message that I was returning his call and I apologize for not getting back to him yesterday and that I had another full day of meetings. I asked him to return my call when he had a chance and if I didn't answer that just meant I was in meetings and I would call him back when I had a break. I had my cell phone on my desk the whole time I was in meetings. My partner informed me that my cell phone had been blowing up non-stop for the past 5 hours as well as my office phone.

When I check my messages this candidate had called me a total of 8 times and left 5 messages on my cell and office vmail. All within 5-6 hours the following day. I believed this was excessive. Who ever may me reading this, you can formulate your own opinion about the amount of calls before a call back.

I did return his call that same day provided him feedback on his interview and the amount of calls. He did not move to the next interview.


The same happened to me during my stint in Utah. The guy (LaMark Brim) just refuses to create a schedule and stick to it!

I do believe that the first candidate called to much, though this doesn't excuse LaMark not being able to maintain professionalism. He was probably late to his interview as well as he was with me.