It is 3/1/11. I still have not recieved my W-2 from them.

isn't it a fact that places are required by law to send them out by a certain date ? I have called & left messages. It would be shocking if your rep would ever answer their phone ! I have written e-mails.

I even tried to call the corporate office & if you dont know who you want to talk to & have their number.. you cant ge through to anyone ! What a bunch of *** !!!!!

I will never work for them again ! I dealt with the Oakbrook location.

Store Location: Elmhurst, Illinois

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I cant get them on the phone and i cant get my w2!!!


Well the date that that must be mailed is Jan 31. Corporate is in Maryland. The mail takes time to move if you are not local. You can confirm this by calling the Corporate office and you will be sent to a message that describes what has been posted here. So the issue in this case isn't them, it's you not thinking the problem through.

With that said.

Next time, don't deal with the rat bastards because of the car salesmen "Recruiters" that lie and whine so you go make money for Aerotek, and you won't have issues with worrying about W2's.

Avoid these offices like the plague. Put the power of getting employment back into the hands of the people who need jobs, not lies and false hope.


Please post the company informaation found on the w-2 company info (address, EIN) so others wont go through what you went through... Thanx in advance...


You should call the office back and request to speak to the branch director. By now they should be able to print it out directly from the branch on the spot.


Wow, that "Aerotek reply" was written two days into the future


contact the IRS not Aerotek for the complaint form.


Hello, Nomore4you:

Thank you for your comment. We take all feedback seriously. If you would be so kind as to respond with the details to servicecomplaint@aerotek.com someone will connect with you shortly.

Thank you,



Or the company rep could have just posted the info...




Call the IRS to get a complaint form. They have a time frame for which a company has to respond to the complaint.

They have to issue a W2.

If they do not answer, the IRS will intervene. I hope this helps.

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