I am a very hard working man who always exceed the companies expectations. It is messed up when they said that they found a job for me, I took the drug test, and told me that they will let me know when I am going to start working on that day.

A week goes by, call them to ask what's going on and they said the same thing and contact another person. Who likes to be tossed around with false information? Now I give them a call and leave a message.

But never get a call back what so ever. It's very sad to have this feelings that cause a person depression with lies.

Store Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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Aerotek generally does not have the best reputation. I am sorry they are giving you the runaround, instead of being upfront and honest.

I have worked in staffing / recruiting industry and have little respect for so-called professionals who can't be bothered to return phone calls.

I hope that you will continue to look for work and not depend on Aerotek. Good luck.


Was promised a job that paid well over $13.00 an hour at this branch doing what I do the very best at (since I have no formal skill training in anything but - AND I cannot go back to school due to my student loan aggregate total being capped out)...this was Thursday July 31...and I call several times to my "recruiter" and just now FINALLY get a call back today saying the "positions have all been filled" - it's NOT my fault this lame agency wanted to review and "jazz" up my resume when I was "promised" I would get a call back the next day with a potential start date since the "positions" were in immediate demand - at that...so why in the *** did I waste an hour of my time with them when I could have been interviewing elsewhere? Now I am faced with a very dire situation with my housing and don't know what to do at this point.

Sad to say, I would NEVER recommend Aerotek to anyone at any time.

Just one big staffing company who is apparently more interested in getting their personnel pool filled with no regard to those who WANT to work and NEED to work immediately. Pissed off I am indeed!!

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