I was recruited By Aerotek in Jacksonville FL to do a 6 month contract job. The job was in my college degree field, so I was very interested. The recruiter ,who was about a 25 year old frat boy, was very persistent and worked very hard to get me on this job. They were having trouble filling the position, because it was 63 miles away in rural Georgia.

I was new to Jacksonville, and needed a job so I took it. The pay was exceptional because of the distance, and considering gas cost me about 220 dollars a week. My recruiter stayed in contact with me for about two months into the job, and that was it. With the end of my contract looming, I called my recruiter about 20 to 30 times with no answer or callback, before I finally had to just *** early and go to there office. He fed me a line of *** about all of these companies who were impressed with my ability , and resume. These turned out to be lies, and now he won't return calls or e-mails.

I have been jobless now for about a month and I am done trying to get anything out of Aerotek. I get very pissed every time I think about all of the unprofessional frat boys that Aerotek employs. I don't even know they require a 4 year degree to be a recruiter. I have worked with high school dropouts that are a *** of a lot more professional than these clowns.

I Do Not recommend Aerotek to anybody for anything. You are treated like a piece of disposable ***, and ignored anytime you try to talk to them. All they want is to fill one job, get a payday out of it and that is it.

Store Location: Orange Park, Florida

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Man I had the SAME issue w/ them too!!! Also when it came down to looking for a job close to home in a 30 mile area.....

GET THIS..... I live in Orange Park so they decide to place me all the way in St. Augustine past the beaches... After my interview I logged in the their database and found 3 jobs in Jax 20 miles away for my home and I had the same credentials they were looking for.

I called/E-mailed.... You and I may have been the main office when they pulled this *** on you.


Aerotek screwed you like they do everyone.


Wasn't Aerotek the only reason you got a job in the first place...I love these people who somehow think it's someone else's responsibility to keep them employed. I think if you have the will to work you will find a way. Stop pointing fingers and start doing something.


If you don't like how you're treated by the staffing company like Aerotek or any other company, than get your fata$$ of the couch and get a job on your own. You can still walk door to door and hand out your own pooor, no experience resume. good luck


i assume maybe you weren't that great of an employee... i used to work for a staffing company and if you have a good contractor you can in turn place with another client you're going to do it...

it cuts out the time it takes to find another person to fill an opening. My guess is they didn't want you to represent them at another client for whatever reason.


Aerotek recruiters get paid by keeping you in a job, not just placing you. The longer you stay there the more they make. If somebody wouldnt call you back, simply get ahold of any available account manager.


Maybe you should stop pointing fingers because you don't have a job. Start a business, ***.

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