I go thru the interview and get put at this place in Ramsey, MN. I was told I would get hired on after 30 days, $2 pay raise and full benefits.

I got none of it...after being there over 2 years!!! I recently took a vacation using the hours I accrued and after I came back, was told I didn't have enough hours...so I didn't get a full check. I get a phone call few days later saying how irresponsible and unreliable I was only missing what 1 day cuz of that vacation?!?!?!

*** Aerotek... I currently am looking (hard) for another job better than this one!

Store Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Bad company to work for period!!! Was told I would be elligible for health benefits 3 months from my start in August.

I went to enroll in November and they told me I would have to wait until open enroll in Dec. My total health and dental came to 120.00 per week. I get my second weekly paycheck and they deducted double the benefits 220.00. When I called to find out why they said I was elligible in November so they had to backdate benefit payments.

They did this without notifying me and now I am behind on bills. When I said I didn't need November benefits and to refund my money back they said there was nothing they can do. So I had no money for the holidays and had to borrow money just to eat.

Very unprofessional, and just a horrible thing to do. All I got was "I'm sorry that they gave you the wrong information".


Aerotek is after the money & that's the bottom line. I am currently working on a job & there are many complaints by many contractors regarding a lending institution (workplace), they tell us they cant do anything about it. I am notifying someone who can.


My question may sound weird, but...once you get hired through Aerotek, do you work for the company that you are doing work for or Aerotek? Who will be my employer?

Is there a probation period that you you have to pass and then you work for the company?

I have been interviewed, filled out all sorts of paperwork like personal info, W-2, direct deposit info and my drug test yesterday. Tomorrow, I have an orientation at the company, not Aerotek, but the recruiters will be there. I still have not been told "I have the job".

I ASSume that they are waiting for drug test and background check.

So, why all that paperwork and orientation tomorrow, if I do not have the job yet? Does this mean that I have the job?


I currently work for Aerotek. They have great customer service, and I have never had any problem with them that they couldn't fix.

One thing to realize is that we are all human, therefore sometimes we make mistakes. They tend to go out of their way to correct the issue. If you have a problem with your pay, go to the CSA or CSS for that region. Also, if someone was rude or called you a name, then it needs to be reported.

If you're in the interview process, then that means you probably meet the hiring cirteria for one of their clients. AND if you think the job sounds boring, then don't work for them. Everyone has opinions.

Also, read all of the paper work before you sign it, so you know what rate you're being hired at, and also be upfront about vacation. Hope this helps.


I am in the process of being interviewed by aerotek... I have the interview tomorrow. a recruiter from arden hills contacted me with a few jobs that revolved around me proof reading data entries about mortgages. sounds boring.

a question for those who have worked for aerotek:

1) my recruiter asked me what I was looking for in a starting salary-- will that lock my recruiter in at that price or will I be able to get more out of them if the job is right?


Aerotek is a wholly scam agency.


My experience with Aerotek is that they seem to only hire fresh college grads with no actual recruiting experience. I have several acquaintances, older professionals, with many years of recruiting experience who have applied for a recruiting position with Aerotek and Aerotek won't give them the time of day.

Yet, they will hire 22 year old Mary Lou Sue who just got her Bachelors. Thats my opinion regarding them.


Ive worked for this company off and on over 10 years and let me tell you, I never take a permanent position and I only take jobs that match what I am looking for or I turn it down.

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