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Stay away from aerotek. This so called staffing agency is a complete scam.

The recruiters are not interested in finding job applicants work. They are only interested in talking to your former supervisors to try to get them as clients. They lie and tell you they have so many jobs available and they will have you working in no time. During the interview the recruiter will tell you how great your experience is.

Then after several days of not hearing back from your recruiter, you give a call and email that does not get returned. After several attempts i finally got thru to be told with my experience i am a hard sell. I was not only shocked but insulted. I may not have a college degree but my sales and administrative experience is worth a lot.

The only reason i decided to try a temp agency was so i could have a better filter.

Thought it would save me some time. Instead it wasted my time and insulted my abilities.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Store Location: Torrance, California

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You are correct. We are told to call not only every resume we come across but all the people on the resume listed as references for potential leads and referrals.

The recruiters have no choice and are given daily lead and refer all goals that are nearly unatainable. I am currently a recruiter there and am looking for another job because of this!

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