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They sounded very professional with having multiple positions of my interest.

Aerotek messed something up in the paperwork and shortshit mike said unfortuniately it is a fault on both ends. it is our fault we messed its up and your fault you got a non felony charge at age 18 (5 years ago)

Ya know what buddy, you are about as ignorant as it gets. First you act like it takes 2 weeks for a background check. (come on! I background checked myself and it took 2 minutes) Than you tell me "backgrounds no good, You can try and challenge the results." And then you want to act like you sent the results to a wrong address. Maybe somebody needs some more education at the company. Can't distinguish the difference between the words "Present Address" & "Previous Address"

So now when I go to appeal the results which he suggested I do. I am given the impression that the process wil be a waste of time, Also told that nobody has ever successfully challenged the results. It is better for me to just wait 6 months. Yet, I am the one who is penalized because of somebody elses mistake.

I contacted the company I was supposed to work through to find out limitations they have on the background check. The V.P. of the company stated that he is unable to do anything with me because of a 6 month wait period through the temp service.

What in the world is wrong with this staffing company's recruiters.

I have the legal right to view any documents preventing me from getting a job. Well this is being witheld from me and it's not my fault. The background check that was performed got sent to non other than a previous address, and well, my recruiter/HR was suppose to get back with me about this 2 weeks ago.

I dont get why they would have not contacted me to inform me with anything of this either. The time that elapsed was almost 2 weeks.

Wow I wonder if you can just apply to work here with no type of professional training or experience.

What would they say if I was like "hey aerotek I worked at food lion to pay my way through college, Does that customer service count towards working at the mighty fine company you run!"

To sum things up. I would never suggest Aerotek to someone in need diere need of a job. They have wasted my time, gas, and messed up my paperwork making me ineligble to work for them for 6 months.

I attempted to contact the HR department for the corporate office and still have had no contact back.

I would not suggest for anyone to work through this temp agency.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

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Crime doesn't pay. Maybe if your dumb *** didn't have misdemeanors you wouldn't have an issue getting a job....

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