They have people employed there with little or no work experience. They no little about the job there recruiting for except for a job description or Maybe a walk thru in the company.

Threre the ones deciding if your able to do the job or not. Its laughable. One guy even called to see if I can get people for him. You will sit in the waiting for an interview over an hour.

He said I forgot I was eating lunch. I know the enconomy is bad and everyone is putting up a shingle saying there a temporary employment agency. This company is the most unprofessional Ive dealt with.

Once things get better people will remember AREOTEK. They wont act like there sitting on an ivory tower anymore if there still in business

Store Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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The recruiters with little to no experience don't decide if you get the job. They simply screen you to see if you will show up to the first interview on time and aft professionally. Then they forward you to the actual company and manager you'll be working for and they decide to hire you or not.


Im a forman at Proctor and Gamble in Ohio.laurasha oh by the way i make 63000 salary a year with fully país benefits


If you are going to write a review, please learn to spell. It is apparent as to why you were not called back if this small sample is what your resume looked like. I am sorry, however, if you are going to compete in today's job market you need to be presentable in both appearance and in speech.


"They have people employed there with little or no work experience.They no little about the job there recruiting for except for a or Maybe a walk thru in the company."

I copied and pasted this because of the amount of the grammatical errors made in the review. It is no wonder that you were not called back.

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