The way to deal with Aerotek at the Nintendo plant is to observe the way they do business. If you watch them long enough and your patient you will eventually catch them violating your rights or the civil rights of others.

That's when you pounce! Write a letter to the EEOC to get the ball rolling. Make an appointment with them to here your case. If the Aerotek suits cancel the meeting then file a lawsuit against them or settle out of court like I did. Can you say CHA-CHING!

I haven't worked there for over a year but I recall there was hardly any chance for promotions at the time. Has anything changed? Has Nintendo hired anybody lately from Aerotek, or are Aerotek employees still basically Nintendo slaves?

What's the latest and greatest on Olga, I here she was transfered to the main office. Give my regards to her and Gaetana, they will know who I am if they read this post. I have no ill will towards them anymore. It's water under the bridge now.

Store Location: Glendale, Arizona

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For someone who uses the wrong 'here' you probably didn't move up for a reason. Gaetana is great to work for and this job is a simple, mindless job with a small wage to match.

They dont overwork you, and I saw many people move up, you just have to play your cards right and jump on new opportunities.

Obviously when hiring 300 new people per contract, she cant promote more than one or two. Sorry you didn't make the cut, bro.


G is the coolest tho, just wish they had a little better system ya know


@Countryman yes they still treat you like a slave, they use you for your labor then when they get what they want they release you. They said you'll get 40 hours a week or say you work all next week the 3 minutes later tell you you worn only Monday sorry. -_- they violate many many rights and they get alwYs get away from it somehow.


I also have worked with G and like One of the Favorites wrote, it's a seasonal/contracted job where there is no guarantee of work. If your orders get cancelled, you go home. Pretty simple. Also, if you were so worried about getting paid for the hours you worked you should have kept a better record of them and communicated that to management. That's how grownups act in the real world.

To blame that on G is simple ignorance on your part because you know she's sincere and actually gave a *** about you AND your job. To wish someone bad luck because you have no contingency plan only makes you look like the fool, clearly the case. Good luck in the real world looking for a job... I'm sure you'll need it.

Oh yeah, last I checked Aerotek employed a pretty ethnically diverse staff that wasn't holding a gun to your head, making you *** in a jar to get through the line. You're an adult right? If you have to take a break THAT badly, I'm sure they could make it work.

I've seen a lot of different people working at Areotek; young, old, male, female... but people that actually WANT to work. I suggest checking up on your civil rights laws violations, as it's a privilege to work and be paid... Not having a break every 2 hours is NOT violating any of your civil rights, unless your disabled or 7 years old... This is the kind of scenario that separates toddlers from useful members of society.




I am not at Nintendo anymore but I still talk with Gaetana every week. I was laid off last year when work was slow.

If you think she makes all the choice on who stays or goes you are ignorant. She gets to say a little but she is just the barer of bad news. You guys make me sick. It is a contract job not a fulltime job.

You beg for overtime and when it comes you complain you have to work late. rotflmao. Did you thik you were just gonna get ot paid to you for doing nothing? And I have never met anyone like G where you can say you are missing a few hours and she goes back and pays you on the next check.

Seriously, come work with me... you'll wish someone was there that cared for you like she did.


They break labor laws every day by keeping us past our scheduled time but not paying us for it. Also we do not get paid when we have to be there 30 minutes eearly.They have their favorites and not based on performance.

Gaetana says she cares but it is a big show with lots of lies. Her Karma will sneak up on her one day.Merry Christmas to her she still has a job.

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