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I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth applying to jobs at Aerotek at all. I worked a temp job through them and initially accepted the good with the bad. They found me a job when I needed it and did it quickly. The experience of the job wasn’t bad. There were hiccups which involved me having to resubmit my banking info because it initially got misplaced by them. However, one of their agents took on coming to our area we were working to continue delivering our checks until all issues were taken care of. I let him know about the issue of my direct pay not being set up yet despite giving them a voided check before starting my assignment; this is how I found out that my info was misplaced. He did resolve it though and after 3 weeks of me notifying him of this my direct pay went into effect.

My issue with Aerotek would be the optimistic placing they do. I was placed at a company with a notification that I’d be there until March of 2014. Once getting there I found out that I was expected to be there until January of 2014. The other 2 months were optimistic thinking. In December I began contacting Aerotek to begin looking to place me somewhere else since my contract would be ending soon but received the response of wait and see. During this time I found out that they were once again placing people for another position which was actually closer to where I live and this position was reportedly supposed to begin in mid-January (or so I was told when I inquired about it *I don’t know how true the starting date was since I was lied to in regards to the end date of my contract*). I remained under the guise that my contract would end 01/31/2014 but received a last minute notification by the company 12/27/2013 that I (along with several others) would be getting let go 12/31/2013. I don’t know why a company that is aware that your contract is supposed to end 01/31/2014 would want to wait until after this date to take action. I also don’t understand how a temp company could be unaware that 40% of their personnel is about to be let go in a few days. I was contacted about it by an Aerotek rep that I would be let go 12/31/2013 but there should’ve been more communication between the area we were placed and Aerotek so that when we’d be getting let go it wouldn’t come as a last minute surprise and Aerotek could make use of their returning constituents and we could better assist ourselves by immediately job searching and setting interviews up.

Also, I don’t understand the jobs they post on Careerbuilder since some of these jobs aren’t even posted on their site. I know that I haven’t been contacted for any of them and I only apply to jobs that match my skillset and pay requirements. However, I’ve been contacted by Aerotek for jobs that don’t match my skillset and are below pay that I’m willing to accept. These things need fine-tuning. Aerotek needs to better match their website with what’s being posted on Careerbuilder so that everyone can know that these jobs actually exist since Careerbuilder has had fraudulent job postings before. I can only type for myself but I’ve never been contacted about positions I’ve applied for for them on Careerbuilder and they don’t show on their site so either I’m not the ideal candidate or these positions don’t actually exist.

Store Location: Denver, Colorado

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Aerotek in Flint Mi is horrible they say they have jobs then they don't how do you apply to a company for two years and never get called for a job Recruiters never get back with you when you call they fail to realize if you are out here trying to get a job you want to know something it s called courtesy but yet they leave you hanging go to another staffing agency don't even waste your time doing all the paper work. Staffing agencies need to go back to the old way when they sent their people in they wanted to send in its to picky it s what the client wants and the job recruiters need to start advocating for some of their clients they they think will be a good fit don't get ms Daniels has attitude problems . if someone was chosen for the job call people and let them know so they can move on staffing agencies are just dumb a waste of people time

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