On Oct 3rd 2012 I was called by Aerotek and they said "You are suspended due to a "Sexual Harassment claim" Needless to say my jaw hit the floor. I NEVER said anything to anyone that was in any sexual (And this is going on 25 years or more in various companies) so, after they "Investigated" the claim, they found no basis. Then they said "Oh they had a layoff and you were one of them"

I found out on Nov 28th, 2013 that they laid off ME AND ME ALONE!!! THEY LIED, LIED, LIED!!!!

The "Temp" cost me a $10.75 an hour job, they lied to the company HR and so now I am blacklisted from them forever, because of 1 persons lies.

I worked there 1.5 years and you'd think if I was a person who would sexually harass females, I'd have been found out way before this. They hired the liar, her friend and now (The former co-worker who told me all this) wants to leave and says the swing shift lead is an backstabber now.

In one way I am glad I know this and also angry. If I wasn't trying to change my habits and ways, I'd find out their last names (The temp, the HR and the Aerotek HR) and go on a knee busting spree. But I cannot...So, I'm planning on moving away so as to save my soul and sanity.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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If this is true, I am glad they had the courage to report you. Most people who do wrong do not admit it.

However if you are innocent confront them. By moving away you are making yourself look more guilty.


It;s been a YEAR since I found this out. Reading comprehension not your strong suit hey?


" If I wasn't trying to change my habits and ways, "

So you decided to stop sexually harassing females? Seriously three people are lying and making the same claims about you?

Do you expect us to believe this? As for you working there 1.5 years proving that you are innocent that does not make sense.

It could take a victim months to come up with the courage to report.


Being a Christian is something you'll never become.


That doesn't sound like something a true Christian would say. As a matter of fact you outed yourself by stating you are trying to "change" your ways, otherwise you would go on a knee-busting spree. You may not be a sexual harraser, but you are dangerously violent.


How do we know that it was not you who LIED LIED LIED about the sexual harassment. IF this is the case take them to court.


Yeah and how to prove it? You must have thick knees for your Serotek recruiter

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