I'm not sure what the problem is with all you losers but i used Aerotek thursday night at 3pm sent them my resume, at 3:30 got a call from the head manager they had found me a job gave me the number of the company that they found I called the company filled out the paperwork and was hired!!! I start Monday lol!!!

After 2 jobless year I got a great job. !!!Aerotek Rocks!!!

Thanks Aerotek so much

thank you thank you thank you thank you

p.s. maybe you guys need to think positive.

p.s.s. i will always use Aerotek

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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they are helpful in landing you a job but its up to you what you put in is what you will get out of this experience, looking on my own I didnt get any feed back , so after a few months and bills mounting Aerotek helped me gain employment as a direct hire with great benefits.


As soon as the blizzard is over in January you will be out of a job. They want you to do a CRAM SESSION on the product and lie to insurance companies that you are calling on behalf of the doctor's office.

When really you are a third party calling the insurance company. /aerotek Even got this dude name Brad anderson in Charlotte, that does not know anything about what Aerotek is hiring for these months he just know its for a medication that a pharMETUICAL company is trying to push on the consumers and have their insurance companies to pay for.

If you don't learn the program in 5 days they let you go and you get your last check in the mail. Yes, thatis illegal and frauding the insurance companies.


If you read the comments here, you would realize that everyone has worked for Aerotek, thus have had a job; however, they are not happy with the way they have been treated by this agency. Just because you got a job, doesn't mean you will be satisfied with Aerotek, and that's what this discussion is about. If you don't like that everyone is "raining on your parade", why are you here?


You are the loser, but we'll let you find that out on your own. I told my story from the Dayton, OH area.

They are crooks, and liars.

I thought they were good at first also, but after catching them up in their lies, I quit. You will find out, and I was a great employee.


They will *** over pal. Just wait.


Haha, Unemployed for 2 years and he calls people losers, what a ***.


Well idk what's going to happen....but I was contacted with aerotek(miami,fl) and the help me get hired with visa I strat next week I was excited intill I read this.....anybody has any advice for me cause I have a child and bills to pay I have no time for nonsence :x


Your calling me a "looser", and it took you two years to get a job?? You need to look in the mirror.


I'll give you a month; 6 weeks tops.

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