Tampa, Florida
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my problem is with chris curry,no professionalism.he had a job for me and then never called back and told me ans svce was out.(for 2 weeks!)I need a new recruiter.please foward this to management.he is rude, self righteous,and i don't think has respect for women.if anyone else can help me out,man or women, i would greatly appreciate it.he should also change his message, it sounds like he was out for 2 days straight on a binge or blowing out.thank you.i am a good person ,but he is not the person i want to represent me.

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My instinct is to think that anyone who can barely write and can't seem to locate the shift key has no high ground to call anyone else "unprofessional." Placing such a person in a professional office setting would look bad on the agency. If you came off as sloppy from either your interview or your resume, then look no further than yourself for the reason that they weren't particularly interested in placing you.