I registered with AEROTEK of Indianapolis while I was employed full time earning a decent wage. The staffing agent notified me that there was a job opening with a local company in a department that would enable me to apply the knowledge of fourteen years of experience with accounts payable.

I was told, by the staffing agent, that the opening in question required immediate placement and to begin the following day. I requested that I be allowed the traditional submission of a two-week notice to the employer.The staffing agent stated that the position required that I begin a.s.a.p., so therefore, I left the job on which I depended to earn a decent living and looked forward to working in a field in which I posses a great deal of knowledge and experience.

The job I left was simple to perform, a warehouse job, where I was performing the most basic of tasks. This job was, quite simply, a way to help make ends' meet.

Two days into the new job, assignment or whatever one would like to classify the position, I was notified by the department head that I would not need to report for work the following day. Upon hearing this, I notified the staffing agent for the reason why I was fired. The staffing agent admitted that she failed to inform me that the position was a managerial position,for which I posses no employment history, nor made any false claims of such qualifications.As a result of her dereliction of duty, I was promised another position with another local company. However, how wrong this person was!!!

I am now unemployed, looking for employment along with the rest of the world, registering with one employment agency after another, submitting resumes, dealing with one scam after another, living each day in the false hope that I will find employment soon before I go POSTAL on this "person"-

all because the staffing agent and AEROTEK failed to ascertained the fact that the position was an managerial position.

Store Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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The same thing is happening to me. I left a permanent position to accept a job that paid more with Aerotek.

They had me sign this contract that the position started on a particular day. I turned in my 2.week's notice to my perm job and the now its 4 weeks later after I left my job and they are telling me the client keeps pushing back the date. I don't beleive that. So here I am unemployed.

I was making 13/hr and left for a position that said to have made 19/hr.

I'm going to loose my rental house for this. I did all this so I could buy a home and get off food stamps.


Aerotek is awful. I dealt with a particularly vicious little number named christina pak.

Very condescending, treated everyone like they were fools. Ended up having my contract not renewed. Only problem was, they gave me zero notice.

I received a phone call and was told not to come in the next day and nothing else was available. They are inhuman and do not treat people with the decency they expect to be treated with (if you're going to quit, they want 2 weeks notice, of course lol).


I have never had an issue with Aerotek, what so ever. I've worked for them for two years now. and they are wonderful employers.


Why haven't you filed a lawsuit?


lawsuits make the world go around...



Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You'll understand why when you give me a call.


It's my cell phone. This might be a chance to warn other people.

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