I just read a statement in The Huff Post Business Internet page by Aerotek stating: "Our policy is that at no time do we offer a position until the screening and/or testing process is complete..." This is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE. I had been out of work for a little over a year when Aerotek called me for a job as a Loan Processor for Bank of America in NC.

I did the interview and was offered the job the following day. I was given a START DATE, who to report to, timeclock information, etc. The start date was set for 3 weeks AFTER the interview! The FRIDAY BEFORE I was to begin the new job, which would've been that Monday morning, I received a call from the recruiter stating that my background had not cleared because of a 20 year old dismissed charge!

Talk about furious!

Even though the background check was an FDIC issue, Aerotek did not do their due diligence in completing my background check until a couple days before I was to start back the new job! UNACCEPTABLE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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I agree I am very upset I went to work for Aerotek gave my previous 2 weeks notice and Trained my replacement. On my third day of working I was terminated due to a background check.

The case was dismissed but I had to wait for nearly a month for the background people cleared it. Now I was told there was no jobs but apply for jobs online I have done so and know I am qualified for many that I have applied but still no reply. I am a single parent and do not understand during the two week period they could have did the check and I could have got it cleared up or even stayed with my current employer. I don't think that was fair I saw the dates and when it was discoverd they had ample time.

I feel like I was treated as an liar and a crimal which was neither I was just a victim of Identiy theft and the case was dismissed but the city never sent the dismissal from to the state.

I feel Aerotek should do better in their background checks. Now the holidays are coming and I don't know what to do it's hard to find a job close to the holidays!


Background checks are out of the hands of the company putting you in for one. They are occasionally delayed in the County that you live in.

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