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On about May 22, 2013 I finished typing a rough draft complaint(law suit) against Aerotek which I was preparing to file shortly after. Coincidentally, to my surprise Aerotek finally mailed me a check for the unpaid wages on May 23, 2013. I am sure posting on this site helped to encourage them to finally do the right thing to avoid being sued.

Original review posted by user May 06, 2013

After complaining to my recruiter, Lindsey Leddy, that my supervisor at Shultz (Antonnio Carranza) was attempting to arbitrarily change my shift, Ms. Leddy initially advised me my shift would not be changed.

In fact Lindsey and Matt advised me that Mr. Carranza's supervisor, Mark Price, advised them that Mr. Carranza made a mistake and my shift would remain 3pm to 11:30pm.

However, days later she advised me that they(Aerotek) were switching my work assignment from Shultz to Petra Solar, in South plainfield, and then I advised her that Shultz (Mr.Carranza & Mr. Price) failed to provide a time card for me that last Monday evening I worked.

I was told that the unpaid wages would be included on my next pay check, but unfortunately it was not.

I contacted my recruiter again and again and was told I would be paid, just be patient. Unfortunately it has now been almost a year which far "exceeds" a reasonable amount of time to pay.This is neither a "professional" nor an "ethical" way to do business.

I have written Aerotek letters attempting to collect the debt owed for unpaid wages, but they still refuse to pay, so I will be filing a law suit against them in the interest of justice.

Store Location: Piscataway Township, New Jersey

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