Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Dave Poling is a Divisional Branch Officer who runs Aerotek's Central NJ office. He is so arrogant, pompous and lacks real management skills. We had used them for years and noticed the quality of candidates depleting.

Recently, they lost 7 disgruntled staff members who claim they were being asked by Dave to "fling" bodies at clients to juice up their numbers. Sounds like a body shop has been born in New Jersey.

They should terminate him immmediately!

I wonder if the Department of Labor has ever reviewed their books? If he is willing to screw clients then why not temp employees?

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Promise you interviews and then when you call to inquire about it, they say they will call you back at such time. Never call.

Call back on your own, to be told the employer is no longer looking for a candidate. Happened to me 3 times before I told these *** to lose my number and stop calling me.


aerotek promises jobs that do not exist! never working with them again


aerotek promises a lot of jobs but does not deliver to qualified candidates.on jan. 13.2010,they were supposed to be at a Job Fair at Manville VFW hall,but they never showed.they were the only absentee!

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