I received a phone call from Aerotek in Oak Brook, Illinois about a job opening that came available in August 2011. When i went in for my interview, The recruiter Zack was unable to answer some important questions i had like salary and the shift i was going to work.

After interviewing with him he had me interview with another girl named Beth who asked me questions and offered very little information about the job. I found this very strange. How do you not know this stuff? Then they said they would call me if i got the job or not.

I had called Zach numerous times and got no answer until a week later he called back and he didn't have any information on the job. Then in October after not talking to Aerotek, Beth called out of the blue and asked if i was still unemployed which i replied yes. She said she had a job she thought i was perfect for and would call me the next day after she "Sent my resume to the job" to see if i met their criteria. She also "promised" to call me the next day no matter what and i haven't heard anything since.

I have made 3 calls to her and i got nothing. I am done with them. I can't believe a company like Aerotek works like this.

I do not recommend them at all.

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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They got me a job I always had problems getting paid for the hours I worked and not only that the told me I was gonna get paid 12bucks an hour when I got my checks they were short hours and they were only giving 11bucks an hour There a bunch of liars


I too dealt with Oak Brook Aerotek and they are simply terrible. They did the exact same thing to me and when I finally found a job on my own, they had an attitude. Stay away and apply on indeed.com

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