Ok, here it goes... Went to this agency in san antonio & met with a recruiter named joanne almaguer.

She was as unprofessional as they come... The whole interview lasted 3 minutes and the 3 questions were. 1. what are your salary requirements.

2. what do you like to do. 3. what don`t you like to do.

Yes folks thats it. Thats all!!! Anyway, I asked her why she looked so tired and she said she`s got a little hangover from the weekend, which would make sense since it was monday morning. Anyway again, she said i`d be a perfect fit for this one job..

Now 3 weeks later, still no call.. Oh.. Since she`s a party animal and making some good money for being unprofessional, here`s her myspace page.. It really does reveal her true side.....

http://www.myspace.com/19609912 I think everyone should email her and tell her how good she looks in the bars and clubs and such... Way to go aerotek!!!

Store Location: San Antonio, Texas

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My questions might sound weird, but here it goes. I had an interview at the Aerotek office yesterday. After that, I waited in a room for all other interviews that needed to be done that day. The people that made the cut, had to fill out a bunch of paperwork, like personal info, W-4, direct deposit info, etc. Then, right from there I had to take a drug test. I was told I would be called today to be given a time to meet at the company I will be "working" for an orientation tomorrow. I still have not been told that I have the job. I ASSume, that they are waiting for drug test and background results.

Do they normally have you go through all of this process before knowing that they are going to hire you?

Once hired, do I work for Aerotek or the company I will actually be doing work for? Who will my employer be? I received papers on benefits, but it was from Aerotek. When I tried to ask questions, he just said, we will talk about all of that later...and never did.

Is there a probation period, then I will work for the company I am actually doing work for? I really need this job, but I want to know what to expect. The ad said that the starting salary was $10.00 an hour, but yesterday, she said it just changed to $11.00. Everything is sounding too good to be true and going really fast. I will say, I am the one that made follow up calls to get the interview, they did not return phone calls. I am not complaining, just throwing it out there, that if YOU want it, YOU have to go get it.

What are some good questions that I should ask tomorrow at the orientation?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions..


And webber if you are going to call them dumb you should at least know how to spell it and not WASTE your time


Aerotek is meant to be an additional resource for your job search, they cannot find everyone a job of course. They do not create the positions, they work as HR basically for companies that are hiring. Companies pay them to send the best person for their position.

They do not create the jobs, give it a break. For every great story of people finding their dream job through Aerotek there are 20 stories from recruiters there from people that have walked off jobs, failed drug tests, failed background checks, lied about things, etc.

Their recruiters are human too, give them a break.


The dummest staff I ever had to deal with, completely un-professional, if your in NJ dont even waist your time working with these idiots. :( Parsippany office is full of it!

DIA from Piscataway is a certified bone head! there all idiots bottom line, they will not make your life easier you will benefit them doing the assignments they send you on


Aerotek is a complete *** - don't waste your time guys...if you are unemployed, they'll just bring you down. I could tell a long story here, but they're really not worth wasting ANY more of my time on. Ya'll have been warned.


I have an interview in the next couple of days with them in Boise Idaho...there are very few jobs here and mostly everyone has gone to using agencies.My unemployment is exhausted...I have to use all avenues.Thank you for the wise advice.


Yeah, it sounds more like you know this girl and just wanted to put her myspace up to try to embarass her or something. And I agree that craftyladyii's daughter needs to get a clue...um, who doesn't know the difference between a staffing agency and an employer?


Aerotek terminates their employees if they are near their contract end so they do not have to pay unemployment and their percentage rates go down.

I quote sn Aerotek employee, "It does not matter if I terminate your assignment because you are only working month to month." They loose copies of your social security card and scream at you that they are your employer and that you work for them when you ask a simple question as to why they keeping losing your social security card. Beware of the on site Aerotek office in Evansville, Indiana and especially Stacie Mathie.


John D works for Aerotek and one of his tasks is to write good things about Aeroscum on the internet. Aerotek is a worthless company that screws people out of job. We all know that.


I work for Aerotek. Most of you probably have bad work history and have a poor work ethic.

I sorry we can not help everyone.

I am happy employed, make great money and have positively effected a plethera of peoples lives across the coutry. Craftyladyii - Your daughter is a joke.


PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity. You can email me at co_unemployment@live.com or call 720-270-1468. PLEASE let me know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous.


i used to work for a staffing company and the reason they bring you in is to make sure you are someone they would want to represent them at one of their clients. They want to find out if you'll show up, will you be on time, and are you presentable for the most part.

That's why there weren't many questions, however, she could have done a little better than the questions she aske you. I agree with that.


I had the same experience with Seth and Chris in Plano,Tx. STAY AWAY FROM AEROTEK.

Those interviews are sorta like quotas they have to meet monthly. Sooo if anyone interview was really fast it because they are required to have a certain number of interviews monthly.PLEASE stay away from Seth and Chris in Plano,TX they are LIARS...


I'm going to an Aerotek open employment call on the 14th. I guess I should't worry about being all hungover and shot out.

I had an interview once where the guy was eating his lunch. He had food on his chin and talked with his mouth full. Stains on his tie. He even burped once.

I stopped talking and offered to wait until he was done. He said "nah, go ahead I'm almost done". I took some of the kleenex off his desk and handed it to him and said "here, this might come in handy".

He stopped and just stared at me. I said "I think we are done here" got up and left.


Same here in New Jersey!!!! My daughter has "applied" to this place NUMEROUS times thinking it was a COMPANY and NOT KNOWING it was an AGENCY!!!!!

Their "ads" are VERY MISLEADING!!!! They make it sound as though they are the PHYSICAL Company and THEN you find out -- MUCH TOO LATE -- that they are JUST an employment agency!!!!! DUH!!! Are they OUT to SCAM ALL those who are in NEED of a JOB?????

YUPPERS!!!!!!!!!! :eek :cry

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