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I received a call from an Aerotek recruiter(Jose Sanchez) from their Deerfield, Ill. office in march of 2013 about a company I had interest in working at.

I could only get into working at company through Aerotek because Aerotek is doing the screening. So I decided even knowing Aerotek's shady history to give it a try. As a side note. I've been called into their Schaumburg, Ill.

office on 3 or 4 occasions over several years on false job openings only for them to steal my personal info and sell it to other companies. I know the shady games they play. After the interview the company immediately called Aerotek back and said they wanted me and said they would start me at a very good hourly rate. I would also be training on day shift for a month or 6 weeks.

After that I would go to 2nd shift and get a $0.26 hourly pay increase. Well I've been on 2nd shift for over 10 weeks now and haven't received it yet. I've contacted Jose Sanchez twice in the past 3 weeks about this and he keeps saying he'll look into it. I'm going to be recording all my future phone calls with him and will ask him point blank questions regarding this and will use this against him in small claims court after I get my 6 months in and get hired directly into this company.

Gonna play it cool though for just a couple more months. This lie has costed me and will cost them real nice. And my lawyer rocks!

Used him before and got paid real nice. Watch out Aerotek!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Store Location: Deerfield, Illinois

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Just curious what exactly has it cost you? You have been working and making a pay check for 10 weeks.

If you get hired on why go after a *** extra 0.26 an hr when you would have not even seen it any way because taxes would have taken it.

Be happy you have a job and the possibility of going permanent there are people worse than you who would love to be making what you are with or without the 0.26. look at it like this once you are permanent if your lucky the job will pay you even more than the 0.20 and you will have wonderful benefits.

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