I was interviewed by a recruiter @ Aerotek in NC.. Ken Maeda to be exact.

He sent me to the employer for an interview. The company I interviewed with liked me and offered me the job. Aerotek advised me that they needed to conduct a background check; the recruiter asked if i had any felony charges, I said no. The form I had to fill out asked the same question, I again answered NO, this was the truth.

How about I just got a call today saying I wasnt being offered the job anylonger because of 1 misdemeanor on my record which occured 3 years ago ( larcenyz0. Then Areotek had the nerve to say because I wasnt honest they can no longer work with me. First of all, I didnt lie , I answered the question they asked truthfully, maybe they should be more precise. Also why would i voluntary speak about the misdemeanor if not asked.

I assumed if it wasnt asked then it wasnt relavent.

How many people do you know walk into a scenerio like- if pulled over by a cop and asked if they were aware they were speeding reply by saying , No I wasnt aware or yes I was aware and oh let me also say, I have been drinking all night. That is bull and I am very pissed.

Store Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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you actually should have said, "No", but i did have 1 misdamenor 3 years ago. Employers like honesty and with that you build their trust. Thats just my opinion, and i respect yours as well.


Will the Aerotek in Charlotte, NC hire you if you have a DWI which is a misdemeanor?


I'm current working for Aerotek in denver colorado, besides getting me a job it's been nothing but trouble with them. I didn't get my first pay check for almost 2 weeks after I was supposed to.

My direct deposit never goes in at the same time so I never acutally know when I'm going to get paid. The company I work for has paid holidays but I of course don't get paid for them. They want to hire me on but I have to finish out my 9 month contract which includes almost two weeks over christmas that I wont get paid that everyone else at my work will be getting paid for. I hate Aerotek and will never work through them again...

sincerely someone waiting to see if they will get paid today...probably not.. Don't work for Aerotek.


The company I'm working for is paying over $60,000 a year for me to work for them and aerotek is taking about $30,000 of that for themselves, just an idea of what kind of people Aerotek are.... so yeah, once I'm hired permanent I'll continue to warn people of Aerotek and all the downsides of going through them as an employee.


Never apply for Aerotek, there service is horrendous, the recruiters are not specific and are not friendly. I have skills in the light industrial field, My Recruiter in Bellevue, Washington by the name of Corey Dunn would not return my phone calls or e-mails, it took the desk rep after over a month of phone calls that he finally returned my call and conveyed to me that they cannot hire anyone with a misdemeanor but he did not specify this during the interview process!

:( Why would a misdemeanor disqualify you with a job through Aerotek?! I have had success with other staffing agencies, If you have a misdemeanor do not waste your time with this *** organization!


Let someone know your story so Aerotek will stop their unethical practices.

PLEASE let a reporter know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous. I have received inquiries from 2 reporters about this story - PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity.



Welcome to the Aerotek Scam. You will never get a penny out of them. Sorry, they are liars.


i was hired by aerotek to work for Wells Fargo in San Antonio, TX. A recruiter from aerotek, Marque Cassie, advised me that I had gotten the job with Wells Fargo.

I filled out paper work for taxes and direct deposit and gave my current employer and adiquite two weeks notice assuming that I had a new job. The day I was to start at Wells Fargo I found out the Marque Cassie had gave them the wrong social and I shouldn't even been told that I had the job. I was escorted out the building which was very embarrassing. As a result a hard working veteran was unemployeed.

Marque also agreed to pay me for the time I was at wells fargo. It going on two months now and I still haven't recieved anything in the mail.


I learned a valuable lesson from Aerotek. Always get the salary/wage in writing BEFORE accepting any position with them.


PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity. You can email me at co_unemployment@live.com or call 720-270-1468. PLEASE let me know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous.


Contact with Aerotek Complaints:

Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You'll understand why when you give me a call.


It's my cell phone. This might be a chance to warn other people.


Aerotek never pays their employees. Aerotek will always find a way to pay you less than they promised or pay you for less than the actual number of hours you worked. They are ripoff artists!


i worked for them for about 2 days before i realized what a joke they were. then they sent me a paycheck for 16.97 LMAO. i have not been able to get in touch with a single person to correct it thus far.


Aerotek sucks I got terminated cause this girl file harassment on me and aerotek took one day to so call investigated it and fired me that following week. i was *** that *** made it up and aerotek sucked at investigating it cause i sure as *** had my witness go in and said i never did *** to that ***.. no


aerotek harasses and treats its people like cow *** :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


I have been waiting since 12/7/2009 for my paycheck that I never recieved in the mail. I even processed the paperwork for direct deposit which was never done by aerotek.

After waiting the 10days after which the check was sent out(told that was Aerotek's policy) I was sent a form that I had to fill out stating I never recieved the check. On the form the young lady at Aerotek put the wrong date instead of 12/5/2009 she put 2/5/2009, so I put a 1 infront of the 2. Never heard from her, contacted them regarding the check and was told it was being mailed out. 3days later I was then told that because I wrote on the form corporate rejected it and I had to fill out the form again.

I did, and it is now a new year and still have not recieved my check. There is lack of communication in their office here in Michigan. And as most(not all) temp agencies they only care for the client and not the employeess. I had to leave the assignment early due to my child being ill in the hospital.

No one called to ask how things were, nothing.

Good to know they care about you (not)! I wish I would have found this site before I took the position there.


aerotek did not hire me back after a active duty recall as is the law for them to do.They went out of their way to not get into this messy situation and weaseled out of it by offering me a much less paying and much less desireable position.Their recruiters are used car salesmen and cons with no sense of patriotic duty


I agree that Aerotek sucks-The one in Tampa, FL has you go in the office and wait forever and then tell you that ypu pretty much have the job you're going for but then not even bother calling you back. They probably get all their friends hired and screw everyone else. ***!!!


ya they can be that bad,,, would you like to be fired cause you have kids to take care of ???? :x


Can theu truly be that bad?



yes i understand about aerotek,, i got screwed in a different way. while working with them for a company call TBE they was sending me out of town alot,, now dont get me wrong but one night out of town is ok, but three or four was to much.

I am married and have kids, so i talked to the boss there to see if there was a way they could maybe let one of the single guys go out of town cause they could do it more often than i could, and that i had kids to take care of and it made problems with my wife,,, after i talked to them and they said ok i left the office to go home to pack to go out of town to work for three days. within 15 min of leaving the office i got a phone call from aerotek to in form me that i had been fired. i think this was real dirty of them, so i guess TBE dont care if people have kids or not.

so does anybody have any idea what i can do about this. pleas email me at michaelestewart@hotmail.com thank you :x

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