I orginally met with Aisha Nodd at Aerotek on January 20, 2010. I was setup for an interview at Ceva Logistics that same Friday. I was hired on the spot by the person I interviewed with, which Aerotek said rarely ever happens.

I started working that following Wednesday with Ceva. My first issue was the fact that it took forever for Aerotek to finish my background check and when I called and inquired about the status of my background she was kind of rude and asked my if there was a problem with it. I was anxious to start working and I told her that.

Anyway...after working at Ceva for almost a month and only hearing good things about my work all of sudden on Friday evening of February 19, after I had worked ALL DAY, I got a call from Aisha telling me Ceva ended my assignment. I was upset because first I wasn't expecting to be let go and then the company told Aerotek that I had to be micromanaged and I was a little off task.

I'm pissed because my supervisor never said anything to me about my work performance nor did I have to be micromanaged because three days after I started working at Ceva she had a panic attack, had to be taken from the job by ambulance and was gone for a week. I came to work during this time as usual and worked "without supervision". I was never told anything about my work nor was I ever off task.

When I asked Aisha about another assignment she told me that since I had been fired that Aerotek could no longer work with me. She never asked what happened or anything. She automatically sided with Ceva. I spoke with her supervisor Casey and he said they have to believe their client as if employer's don't lie. I told him I was a client as well and that it was unfair that I was let go without any reason or complaint told to me or Aerotek.

Now they are trying to deny my unemployment based on this. I know that Texas is an "at will" state, but something needs to be done because you can be fired for no reason at all, denied unemployment, and there is basically nothing that you can do about it.

I plan on filing a greivance against Aerotek and Ceva because I was under the impression that by state law you have to be notified if there is a problem with your work and be given the opportunity to correct it before you are terminated.

I recommend that no one works for Aerotek because they are only concerned about the companies and not the people that go out and work at these places. If it were not for use places like Aerotek wouldn't even be in business!

Store Location: Reston, Virginia

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I'm assuming you got awarded your unemployment, because the unemployment dept usually always sides with the employee, even in at will states.


They are full of lies.... I work for aerotek for three months I never miss a day i was happy whit the new job that they got me.

suddenly a day I got a call from the supervisor telling me that I ended the assignment and they didnt need me no more. I was upset because I really did try my best and did everything they told me to do.

Two weeks ago I call them to see if they had a new assignment for me and they told me they didnt feel good working whit me I got really *** and I ask why? they told me that they fire me do to bad attendence.


Stay away from this company. They will sweet talk you to try to get you to come in.

I took the Placement tests and scored 99% and yet when I called for work, my emails and phone calls were ignored. They will just harass your references and then you lose good references and still don't have a job!@!!!!!


Just an FYI - I used to work for Aerotek. When you start a job through Aerotek at one of their clients, you have to sign an employment agreement.

Most everyone NEVER reads the agreement. However, the agreement states that Aerotek has been hired by the client to place qualified employees. In addition, it states that you may be released from your assignment at any time, without warning, and for any reason.

Clients are paying for this type of "convenience" if they ever do need to part ways immediately and with no financial or legal ties to the contract employee. This is not Aerotek's fault - anyone who chooses to be a contract employee must understand that they are contingent labor.

Victoria L

Tamekar1 - That is *exactly* what happened to me this past June.

The only difference is the length. I had been at this assignment 11 months.

Had a meeting on a Wednesday to go over how I was doing with my sup there and she told me I was doing fine. Then on that following Sunday evening, I get a call from my contact at Aerotek that the company didn't want me anymore because of my job performance.

Almost a year and nobody brought this up before? Interesting to say the least.


I got done wrong @Lockheed Martin


I also spoke with Aisha Nodd and another person named Jay Dorethy when I turned to Aerotek. I felt that when they explained to me about the project that I was interviewed to do they contradicted themselves quite often.

Whenever I asked Aisha questions to clarify, she gave me responses like "I don't know," and "I'll have to check on that"-- never a straight answer. When they promised to call me on a certain date to let me know if I got the job they never called. I proceeded to call and e-mail them, but never got any reply. I felt that this was very unprofessional since they had promised to follow up either way.

I recommended to everyone I knew to STAY AWAY from Aerotek if they ever found themselves unemployed.

Luckily, I have since found a great job that I love on my own, so everything worked out afterwards (no thanks and no help from Aerotek).


PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity. You can email me at co_unemployment@live.com or call 720-270-1468. PLEASE let me know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous.


What type of drug screen did they use? (NY)


Contact with Aerotek Complaints:

Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You'll understand why when you give me a call.


It's my cell phone. This might be a chance to warn other people.


I think Aerotek is so busying using people and screwing them over that they get confused by all the lies they tell. They seem not to remember the original lie to follow and not to continually change their lies.


I originally posted this comment prior to speaking with someone in the corporate office....I called to file a greivance because I felt that it was unfair that they would not be able to work with me again simply because of the lie that my supervisor told.

Once I spoke with the district manager, he called the Aerotek office that I was dealing with and that's when the story changed. Now the recruiter backtracked and said she "never told me that they would be unable use me again"...just a bunch of lies...even though I knew she personally didn't want to help me again, because the accusations were unfounded, they worked with me to place me at another company.

This just proves that truth will prevail...especially when you communicate with officials that are on the upper end of the totem pole!


I completely agree with the last comment posted. I used to work for them too.

One thing to add is that Texas is an "at will" employment state.


Tamekar1 - I used to be a recruiter and later an account manager for Aerotek (West Coast). It was by far the worst job I have ever had and most people wind up leaving that company within 2-3 years for greener pastures. Although I don't agree with the majority of what they say and do I have to agree with them on this occasion. You were not a client of Aerotek's. Being a client would imply that you had paid for their service. They are paid by their client (in this case Ceva) to find qualified employees. They have to side with their client when they say you were not what they were ultimately looking for from an employee. And my guess is, if you read your contract, there was some sort of probation period where they can let you go without warning. That period is usually 30-90 days. As far as not using you again for another job, that is just company policy. If you were fired because of a bad review they don;t want to get burned again. In most cases it will happen again and that will make them look bad to the next client.

On another note Aerotek contracts another company to do background checks. The time frame in which they get them done is not up to Aerotek. Different factors will add to the length of time it takes to complete a background check (ie. multiple addresses over the past 10-20 years, level of background check required, previous government jobs, etc).

It is an unfortunate job of the recruiter to fire people. This was one of my least favorite things to do. Most clients will tell the employee that they are doing a great job to avoid confrontation and then just ask Aerotek to fire them. My best advice is to find a job on your own and keep it. Most employers look for longevity at previous jobs and working with a company like Aerotek will leave you with multiple jobs over a short period of time.

Sorry for the reality check, but that's just life. Again I hate Aerotek and think the company is a big scam, but in this case they are right.

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