I have 7 of Staffing industry experience, starting from a recruiter all the way on up to working at Corporate office for a competitor of Aerotek. I worked for 2 other Agencies in the same capacity.

Recently Aerotek in Omaha NE had an opening for a Recruiter, I applied and I was told that normally they don't hire people with experience because of the bad habits one develops. At the same time I was told that they could not ignore my background at the same time. My previous position required 90% travel all over the country and DID NOT want to do that anymore.

The office director gave me 2 interviews and told me to follow it up with an email to him explaining why I want to work there.

I was then given a 3rd interview with his Sales Managers (who can't sell candy to a 5 yr old)and they turned around and said to send them an email explaining why I want to work there. Then Director said after that email he would like to give me a 4th interview. REALLY? Who the *** does that for a very basic recruiter position for a company that has no open orders?

During the whole time all they asked me was about the clients that I previously had and what the markup was that I was charging. Like I would have given him that info within the first 6 months of employment.

Sorry bud, no free info for you. Very unprofessional, tacky if you ask me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Store Location: Memphis, Tennessee

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jones i

I went to Aerotek in Denver to apply for a job several weeks ago. The Aerotek recruiter said I would be perfect for the job opening and sent me to an interview where upon completion of the interview the HR person said I was "hired." Aerotek had me come in to complete the paperwork for the job and then said I would start on a specific date and the recruiter wold call me back with the time to report and where.

The recruiter never called me back! I called the Aerotek recruiter dozens of times but the recruiter never answered her phone nor returned my calls. I went to Aerotek Denver's office twice and was told the recruiter was not in the office at the time though I saw her there myself! She was hiding from me!

The receptionist then told me I had not pay some fees for employment to Aerotek. I told her there are no fees! Aerotek said they do not charge fees!

Aerotek has never returned my calls or told me what is going on.

Is this some employment scam? Is Aerotek trying to extort money from me?


Hello, I had a bad experience with aerotek myself. They called me in for an interview, gus was the caller.

He told me they matched me with a job at kershaw and that i had the job and just basically had to go for an interview at the office an then at kershaw. When I got to the office they made me sit in the waiting room for and hour and a half while calling back others that arrived after I did. Then I was called back by juan, the manager, who told me he was sorry but gus had lost my resume and other information. They had me take a test and then said that they would call me.

After I went home and waited for a few days I got an email saying that they didnt have any jobs for me and that I wasnt matched for kershaw. I emailed juan about the situation and he emailed me back saying he was going on vacation for a week and was leaving in a few days. I emailed him back and said that that had nothing to do with me asking why they lied to me. he replied saying that I had to call their office about it and that he wasnt gonna help me at all, this made me mad because he had told me previously that he would take care of it and dont worry.

Aerotek's crew is a complete joke.

I have found another job myself and I told aerotek that this is ridiculous. my email is s_oulharvester@hotmail.com please contact me with your info and let me know what else I can do.


PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity. You can email me at co_unemployment@live.com or call 720-270-1468. PLEASE let me know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous.


Contact with Aerotek Complaints:

Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You'll understand why when you give me a call.


It's my cell phone. This might be a chance to warn other people.


Contact with Aerotek Complaints:

Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You'll understand why when you give me a call.


It's my cell phone. This might be a chance to warn other people.

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