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I wish I wouldve done my research.. Aerotek sent me on an assignment saying it would be temp to perm if all went well...

All went VERY well and after 3 months the assignment ended... There was NEVER a posibility perminant employment there. My aerotek recruiter lied to me and I had no clue...until after the assignment ended and I called the company back to get more details on why I was not hired on perminent... She was honest...

Aerotek told me it was because I didnt fit in with their demographics and said I must have done something to upset the person in charge of me... She assured me that couldnt be further than the truth and the assignnment was always a temp assignment and she now allows me to list her as a refrence...

Way to destroy someones self esteem Aerotek... Stay away from these people theyre liars and manipulators ..

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Store Location: Bellevue, Washington

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Aerotek hires young kids, fresh from college, who's last job may have been in a restaurant, to work as recruiters. They are not an agency I would recommend to anyone.

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