Chatham, Ontario
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I was very disappointed with my experience using this company. At first they seemed exceptional...

Looking to help, providing great generalized advise about job hunting, and very personable. I worked with Meaghan Root who called me about a job opportunity I was pumped for in my town of Chatham. I drooped everything to drive to Chatham and interview. The interview went well within 5 minutes in she confirmed the company I thought it was for and I told her I have been applying to that company online for sometime but never got anything from the online website application.

She continued to interview me telling me I was perfect for the job and she wanted the manager to meet me. I sat down with Mr. Coulter and he liked me as well told me that we was going to go to bat for me for the job and thought I was a perfect fit and things were gonna happen fast most likely. I send a follow up thank you email the next day so existed about the possibility of even getting an interview with this company and Mrs Root calls me and says they can't represent me because I already applied online!!!!.

When I told her that 5 min into the interview and she made a note of it!!! I asked them to still keep an eye out for me and tried to be understanding but they haven't even bothered to contact me other than the initial apology.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Aerotek likes to hire young college grads with no experience, as their recruiters. They need to start hiring more experienced employees, but I guess they don't want to because they might actually have to pay them more. Pretty pathetic!


I had the same issue! Either Aerotek needs to change the way they do business, or they need to train their recruiters better to actually seem like they care about their clients. All they care about is commission.


Their "clients" are the companies paying them to fill open positions. The people applying for those open positions are the "applicants". Applicants are not clients.

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