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My coworker told me I can have the permanent job in the office if I listed to what she says and doesn't let our other co worker who got promote take advantage. The co worker who got promote acts like so busy but doesn't know what she's doing and gets mad when I have other things to do.

This company needs to realize who is really the professional ones and stop letting the attractive people slide just bc they're mean girls. My co worker gives me a heads up on at least before the crazy co worker tells our boss so I prepared but need help proving she's under quailed even if she's been here longer

Store Location: West Point, Pennsylvania

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Am I to believe you work in an Aerotek office? Is English not your native language? The reason I ask is because I find it shocking someone could work in a so-called professional environment and write the way you do: like a 4 year old with A.D.D.

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